Top 15 UX Design Companies in 2024

Updated on: May 2022 · 10 min read

UX Design Companies

When you hire a UX design company, you help gain access to experienced professionals for your website. In fact, several leading brands and businesses prefer outsourcing design work to a professional team.



One fundamental reason why Apple stays a tech leader is its commitment to developing software that offers an uncanny user experience.

Apple’s design-focused philosophy was the brainchild of its renowned founder, Steve Jobs, who famously said, “Design is not just what it looks like or feels like. Design is how it works.”

This quote sums up the sheer importance of user experience design. With hardware updates like high-resolution screens and faster processing power, smartphones and laptops are now equipped to host design-heavy software and apps.

For your app or software to shine, you’ll need to offer unique user experience levels (UX), and this relies on your user interface (UI) design. One way to win at UX is to outsource to expert freelance designers and design companies.

A UX design agency is filled with experienced professionals who can do the job efficiently in a cost-effective manner. To help you make a sound decision, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top UX design companies you should consider before outsourcing your project.

Here are our top 15 UX Design Companies

Toptal is one of the leading marketplaces for freelance software and app developers, UI and UX designers, finance experts, product, and project managers. Founded in 2010, Toptal is trusted by industry leaders and startups alike and is home to some of the best UI, UX, and visual interaction designers.

Toptal’s hiring process selects only 3% of applicants. This further ensures that Toptal’s designers can offer quality UX design services and tackle any challenge.

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Founded in 2013, Gigster is a global online network of project managers, app and software developers, and designers. Some of Gigster’s specialties are building and managing distributed teams of talented and experienced UX/UI designers for some of the world’s top companies.

Gigster’s industry experience has led them to create simplified processes that help liaison between the client and Gigster’s designers.

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Having worked with clients such as Salesforce, Netflix, Adobe, Snapchat, Ramotion is a California-based digital design agency specializing in designing mobile apps, web development, and building visual brand identities while offering UI/UX design services.

Founded in 2009, Ramotion’s user experience designers have been rated #1 on Behance, and they have successfully implemented and delivered hundreds of design projects for mobile and web.

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Chicago-based Fuzzy Math is a UX design firm that creates strategies and designs. Founded in 2009, Fuzzy Math pays attention to understanding their users’ needs and building usable designs for their applications and software. Fuzzy Math prides itself on the talent of its designers who deliver on their projects.

Having worked with brands like Hyatt, Microsoft, Expedia, among others, Fuzzy Math delivers user experiences for digital products and services.

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San Francisco-based Clay is a digital product and user experience agency that builds world-class products. Having worked with companies like Slack, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Google, Sony, Fossil, and Huawei, Clay creates engaging products by applying behavioral science to customer experience. Clay’s UX design services have rendered them several awards and accolades.

Clay’s team of UI/UX designers have experience in developing and designing intuitive digital products for startups and fortune 500 companies.

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Work & Co draws its name from their motto, “the work you do, and the company you keep.” Headquartered in Brooklyn, Work & Co is a digital product agency that collaborates with professionals to create digital products for businesses like Google, Aldo, Nike, TechCrunch, and Marriott.

Work & Co offers some of the best UI/UX design services with a high repeat business rate, which keeps its clients returning for additional projects.

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Beyond is a design company that creates experiences by combining design and technology. With a focus on transforming customer experiences, Beyond creates efficient iterations and prototypes of designs that surpass business goals and customer needs.

Having worked with clients like Warner Bros., Google Cloud,, Beyond’s UX designers' team empowers brands and businesses to dream big and do big.

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Founded in 2002, Momentum Design Lab is a design company based in Silicon Valley. With additional offices in London and New York City, Momentum offers UX services for digital product design. With clients spanning financial services, retail, consumer tech, and healthcare, Momentum delivers UX levels using design-based thinking and technology-driven services.

Having worked with clients like SAP, Oracle, Facebook, Adobe, and Walmart, Momentum delivers designs and services and has won several awards.

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Texas-based Praxent is a digital innovation agency that offers UX designs, software development, app development, digital strategies, and prototyping. With a passion to transform processes and augment experiences for service-oriented businesses, Praxent boasts of over 20 years of experience.

Having launched hundreds of digital products, Praxten’s award-winning team of human-centered designers has a proven track record of serving startups and enterprise clients.

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Rhode Island-based Oomph is a digital agency that offers web design, digital strategy, UX/UI design, and development services. Their team combines their expertise in strategy, design, and technology to deliver holistic and integrated digital solutions that add value and make first impressions for clients.

Oomph’s UX design is merged with a verified and tested information architecture to ensure that the designs aren’t just beautiful, they seem to work seamlessly too.

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From Silicon Valley’s top startups to mid-tier growing companies to Fortune 500 mega-corporations, December Labs services businesses by building game-changing products. With offices in San Francisco, Houston, and Montevideo, their designers specialize in creating digital products.

December Labs builds scalable and flexible solutions by considering your product cycle. They do this by assigning qualified senior-level managers to your project.

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Los Angeles-based Wandr is a product design and UX design firm that works with businesses with a focus on IT, business services, and healthcare. Founded in 2016, Wandr has a global team of designers who help companies improve their products' usability. Most of Wandr’s team work remotely. This enables them to assign a dedicated group of designers to create products.

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India-based Lollypop Design Studio is a UX/UI company with a vision to ‘put India on the world map’ as a digital design destination. Established in 2013, Lollypop Design Studio boasts a team with over a hundred members who are transforming businesses with their design services.

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, Lollypop Design Studio has worked with various companies. Myntra, PayTM, Viacom18, Asian Paints are all brands that have worked with the design studio.

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Brave UX is a Washington-based UX agency that creates intuitive designs and complex app interfaces. Having worked on a multitude of projects for corporations and up and coming startups, Brave’s effective team is equipped to tackle challenges and deliver results.

Founded in 2014, Brave offers a host of services from conceptualizing to brand building to content strategy and execution to information architecture to UX/UI design and front-end development.

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UX Studio is a digital design consultancy based out of Hungary, Budapest. With a focus on UX/UI designs, UX Studio offers mobile app development and custom software development to companies worldwide. Having worked with enterprises and startups across various industry verticals, UX Studio has successfully delivered hundreds of UX projects.

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What is the Best UX Design Company For You?

The 15 development companies mentioned above are some of the top brands for offering UX design and interactive services. However, which one will suit your requirements is something only you can judge and decide.

We’ve prepared a checklist that you can refer to in order to pick the company for your UX design needs.

Reputation: Does the UX design agency have a good reputation? How are the reviews of previous clients good?

Quality of clients: Who are the design company’s clients? Do any of the clients have similar projects like yours?

Quality of projects: How has the design company fared in its previous projects? Have the results been successful? What is their design process?

User research: Do they offer a top user experience? How do they conduct user testing and research for their design projects?

Cost estimates: What sort of budget does the company work with? Does it fit in your budget? Are there any add-ons or fringe benefits?

Answering these questions will help you pick the company to outsource your UX design requirements.