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Top 11 sites to find and hire Front-End Designers

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

1. Toptal

Founded in 2010, Toptal has become one of the top sources for finding talent in multiple industries, including technology, with a presence in 140 countries. By 2022, the company had received more than 2.2 million applicants and served over 21,000 clients. Toptal rigorously vets and tests applicants, accepting only the top 3%. The best front-end designers on the market list with this network, and companies such as Duolingo, Kraft and Shopify turn to it to fill their hiring needs.

Key Points:

  • The company’s network is exclusive, so you won’t find duplicate listings on other sites.
  • The company provides a fast hiring route, with employers acquiring expertly matched talent in less than three weeks.
  • Its scalable and flexible services make it easy for you to find a candidate that fits your needs.
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2. SupportFinity

Like Toptal, SupportFinity offers hiring services specifically for front-end designers, a rarity because of this position's specialized, niche nature. However, it’s the new kid on the block, opening in 2020. The company ensures applicants have the right combination of skills for this role. SupportFinity allows you to hire freelance front-end designers in any number you need, whether one individual or an entire team.

Key Points:

  • You receive AI support for generating job descriptions and obtaining global salary information.
  • Applicants apply for the job through the job board, and the company’s recruiters assess candidate qualifications and recommend those who are a good match.
  • You manage the entire hiring process within your SupportFinity account.
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3. Upwork

Upwork is another leading talent service that matches freelancers with employers looking to hire. The company filled more than 211,000 technology contracts within the past year. You can post your job on the site or have the Upwork team find a pool of candidates with the right skills for you to choose from. If you decide to post a job, candidates send proposals, and the company’s algorithm helps you narrow your options.

Key Points:

  • When browsing candidates on Upwork, the best job category for this role is “front-end developer.”
  • You will need to search through talent profiles to find those who list web design as an additional skill.
  • The company helps you discern consistently high performers with a badge program that identifies talent with a superb track record.
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4. Hired

Hired is an employment service specializing in tech and sales jobs with a global presence. The agency tests applicants on their tech skills before matching them with prospective employers. Companies such as Capital One and Dropbox use Hired to acquire talent. The company boasts a high acceptance rate and claims to save employers 45 sourcing hours each time they hire front-end designers.

Key Points:

  • The recruiting platform uses artificial intelligence to match candidates to employers.
  • After you receive a list of matches, you contact candidates of interest with salary information and a job description.
  • You may need to sift through applicants to find ones with a front-end designer skillset.
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5. WebCodeGenie

If you need a front-end designer to build a new website or app, WebCodeGenie is a great option. The company offers a web and app design service that combines design and development, including page responsiveness and optimized user experience. Rather than hire freelance front-end designers, you hire the company to assemble a team to work on your project. The company’s full-service structure simplifies the hiring process, though you don’t have control over who works on your project.

Key Points:

  • You won’t get to choose among candidates like in a traditional hiring process.
  • The company will customize its services to meet your requirements.
  • The WebCodeGenie team collaborates with you throughout your project to ensure your satisfaction.
Visit WebCodeGenie

6. LinkedIn

The well-known networking site LinkedIn is a great source for finding qualified front-end designers actively seeking employment. According to the company, approximately 40 million job seekers look for a new position on the site every week. LinkedIn provides numerous resources for employers seeking to find a front-end designer.

Key Points:

  • Users often engage in ways that are similar to social media platforms.
  • The platform remains a reliable job board with 57 million businesses and 756 users.
  • It might take extra effort on your part to find the right candidate, but the platform has tools that can help you narrow your search.
Visit LinkedIn

7. 99designs

99Designs’ focus is design, but the company offers web and app design services. This is a good option if you need help building or rebuilding your website, an app, social media pages or a blog. Though the company lists design as its specialty, its team has front-end development experience and can build your site for you. Though 99Designs emphasizes design, the company has team members who can turn a design into a functional website or app.

Key Points:

  • After submitting a job brief, the company helps you hire front-end designers from their pool.
  • You can post your brief to the company’s design community and choose from candidate design idea submissions.
  • You pay for a single job, and the 99Designs team completes it.
Visit 99designs

8. X-Team

The X-Team is a development-focused service with a list of clients that includes Apple and Sony. The company provides on-demand teams for any sized job and any skillset need. You maintain control over the project while the company supplies the talent to complete it. This company works with you to make hiring front-end designers easy. If you want to work with a full-service company, X-Team is a good option.

Key Points:

  • X-team offers flexible contracts.
  • The company allows you to scale your services up or down as needed.
  • Instead of choosing from among a pool of candidates, the X-Team assigns a dedicated team to complete a project or provide ongoing support.
Visit X-Team

9. Technostacks

Technostacks is a technology services company that offers hiring services. It is based in India but also has a presence in the U.S. and U.K. The company’s specialties include software-as-a-service and internet-of-things design. It works with businesses of any size and from various industries. However, Technostacks also has a pool of IT experts, allowing companies to hire front-end designers and other dedicated specialists.

Key Points:

  • It offers flexible and customized hiring models to fit your requirements.
  • The company is ISO-certified, providing you with security assurances.
  • Technostacks explicitly identifies front-end design as a front-end solution.
Visit Technostacks

10. Freelancer

As a company that connects freelancers with businesses, Freelancer markets itself as a crowdsourcing and freelance marketplace, connecting talent and employers from 247 countries. This is another company that explicitly lists front-end design as one of its job categories, a definite plus if you need to hire a front-end designer. If you don’t mind doing the extra legwork of vetting candidates, Freelancer is a viable hiring solution.

Key Points:

  • It functions as a virtual job board without the vetting of other services.
  • You can filter talent searches according to budget, skills and languages.
  • You don’t pay for the service until satisfied with the job.
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honorable mention


With 25 years of experience connecting freelancers with businesses, Guru has honed its services to fit the needs of employers and freelancers. It has a job-board structure rather than offering recruiting services. The company has 321,181 freelancers listed in the programming and development industry, and 800,000 employers are members. You may benefit from the company’s customized solutions if you are an enterprise business.

Key Points:

  • The company does not vet talent, so the hiring process is similar to traditional methods for evaluating candidates.
  • Employers join for free and don’t pay fees when hiring freelance front-end designers.
  • You can search for web development and design talent but not front-end designers specifically.
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