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Top 11 sites to find and hire Motion Graphics Designers

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

1. Toptal

Start your search with one of the very best sites for hiring freelancers, Toptal. At Toptal, you will find motion graphics designers who have been thoroughly vetted and evaluated as the very best in the industry. Toptal takes care of all of the heavy lifting, onboarding and other administrative tasks so you can just focus on your content creation project.

  • Enjoy a risk-free trial for up to 5 days
  • Completed over 60,000 projects for 25K+ satisfied clients
  • Trustpilot rating of 4.8 out of 5
Clients like Thierry Jakircevic, say, “Toptal gave us access to the best designers out there. They’re not easy to find. Those designers integrated very quickly with our existing teams. They very quickly understood our business case and the value of our solution. Toptal really allowed us to focus on building the best possible product and save a lot of time on the typical administrative pains that go with it -- specifically, finding the best talent.”
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2. Design Pickle

You could also source freelance motion graphics designers through websites that only recruit and work with these types of professionals, such as Design Pickle. Design Pickle offers a subscription service for firms that need motion graphic work. Based in Arizona, Design Pickle provides pros with services in animated logos, typography, graphic loops, transitions and more.

  • They have a Google rating of 4.3 out of 5.
  • Design Pickle features a monthly or annual pricing plan for design services.
Design Pickle
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3. Creativepool

Next, take a look at Creativepool, a hiring solution for workers in the creative industry. You have the power to hire motion graphics designers in different capacities, such as recruiting an agency, a full-time employee or a freelancer for your project. Buyers have the ability to search for creative professionals at different points in their career or they could post a gig and wait for talent to bid.

  • Posting a simple job ad on their site does not require a fee.
  • If you want to view potential candidates, you will need to subscribe to their Talent Pass service.
  • Creativepool features a powerful AI Hiring Wizard tool to instantly fill your hiring needs.
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4. HI On Demand

HI On Demand is a hiring solution that specializes in human intelligence and got its start as an advertising agency in Poland, Green Parrot. With HI’s model, you get access to the best motion graphics designers in Europe. HI does most of the vetting, hiring, onboarding and management for you and promises to find talent for you in 48 hours.

  • HI On Demand has a powerful all-in-one platform for sourcing talent, matching, hiring and paying through Stripe.
  • Former client, Purena marketing executive Agnieszka Brewka, says of their work, “From the beginning to the end of this project, we were impressed with the team’s professional approach and amazing creativity.”
HI On Demand
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5. YunoJuno

Mega corporations like Pepsico and Canon have turned to YunoJuno for their creative hiring solutions. YunoJuno helps you find freelance motion graphics designers through their industry-vetted freelance marketplace. They have helped numerous organizations save thousands of dollars on their marketing and recruitment efforts for specialized talent.

  • YunoJuno prides itself on featuring women in tech and shrinking the gender and pay gap.
  • They have a comprehensive hiring and onboarding process, focusing on assisting organizations with tax and regulation compliance.
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6. Dribbble

Dribbble is another entry on our list of sites for talent sourcing. With Dribble, you could hire freelance motion graphics designers in only a few clicks. Their model is simplicity and speed, and they only work with talent in creative fields, such as motion design.

  • Dribbble only features 100% remote workers, saving clients costs on overhead and other fees.
  • Their platform helps support the vast community of designers by giving them a space to showcase their portfolios and connect with new clients.
Visit Dribbble

7. Behance

If you want to get the best talent for your project, you should source from the experts, like Behance, a freelance platform from the company behind the Adobe Creative Suite. With Behance, freelancers have the option to package their services and showcase their portfolios in graphic design. It allows business clients to discover new, creative up-and-comers and source projects solely based on artistic vision.

  • Behance offers an upgraded experience for its freelance users, Behance Pro.
  • If you want a more focused approach, you should post a job ad on the platform and wait for talented applicants.
Visit Behance

8. Truelancer

Motion graphics designers also advertise their services on more general freelance platforms, like the popular service Truelancer. At Truelancer, you will not find a dedicated site just for creatives. Instead, you have a trusted freelance platform that allows you to hire designers at rock-bottom prices and manage their workflow.

  • Freelancers on Truelancer come from all around the world, and some work for much less than minimum wage, so the quality may vary.
  • Truelancer also offers online contests for your motion design projects, giving you the power to choose the winning design.
Visit Truelancer

9. Webflow

Another option for companies needing motion graphic work is to use a proprietary design tool, Webflow. Webflow is a comprehensive site development and design platform and features its own freelance motion graphics creatives to generate animated content for clients. With Webflow, you also have content management capabilities and optimization tools.

  • Designers you recruit from Webflow’s site have limitations on their content creation.
  • Webflow offers different pricing models and a premium package service for clients who want complete access to design tools and freelancers, called Enterprise.
Visit Webflow

10. Upwork

Upwork is a general freelance platform site that links up freelance talent with clients needing projects completed. With Upwork, the onus is on the client to do much of the vetting of potential freelancers. First, you post a job ad detailing the needs of your project, and then you have to sift through all of the applications, portfolios and profiles to find exactly who you want.

  • Clients only pay for projects that meet their standards and specifications.
  • You have flexibility with your hiring and payment, such as hourly or project-based contracting work.
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honorable mention


The final site on our list is Contra, a platform that gives your team the tools to hire, manage and pay freelance designers. Contra’s service options include different tiers of access to its powerful platform and project management services. For business customers, they have different options based on their hiring and creative needs.

  • Contra takes care of all of the compliance tasks, such as filling out tax forms and verifying each contractor’s identity.
  • It also features curated talent lists that freelancers have to apply to get expert certification on specific design tools.
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