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The Top 24 Sites to Hire UX designers:

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

1. Toptal

Toptal takes the traditional freelance marketplace to the next level. With significant screening and testing for freelancers to even join the network, Toptal has eliminated the time it usually takes to sift through masses of profiles. With its personalized matching service, Toptal is one of the leading matchmaking services of the freelance world. Still, Toptal is accessible to small businesses and startups in addition to large enterprises. Use Toptal to hire freelance UX designers, UI designers, software developers, or web designers.


Key Points

  • Toptal’s selective screening process means that some of the best UX designers for hire make it into the network.
  • Toptal will custom match you with UX designers for your project, so you’ll hopefully save time and energy searching for candidates.
  • Toptal provides a no-risk trial period, so if you find you don’t work well with the designer you were matched with, you can switch or stop the project at no cost.
Visit Toptal

2. Upwork

Upwork is the result of the merger between the two largest freelance marketplaces at the time, Odesk and Elance. The platform hosts millions of users and jobs posted annually. Upwork has worked to provide clear project management tools and transparent payment systems that attempt to protect both the buyer and seller. Upwork Pro and Enterprise provide access to more qualified talent and additional resources.


Key Points

  • One of the most well-known freelance marketplaces, Upwork boasts a high customer retention rate.
  • Hire a UX designer that meets your hourly rate budget.
  • The system of milestones ensures that you do not pay until elements of the project have been met.
Visit Upwork

3. Dribbble

Dribbble tags itself as “the community for designers”. The Dribbble community platform facilitates discussions, creativity, and inspiration for designers and now includes a job board. Originally invite-only, Dribbble has a reputation for hosting talented and designers. The platform is driven by portfolios, so it’s visual while also focused on the design’s technical aspects.


Key Points

  • Dribbble is a community of designers, so you can find UX designers with various technical skills.
  • Dribbble designers provide each other with feedback and source ideas from one another.
  • With Dribbble Talent, you can receive pre-vetted UX design recommendations and access more candidates ready to work with you.
Visit Dribbble

4. Working Not Working

Working Not Working (WNW) is a job board unto itself. Calling itself an “UnJobBoard”, WNW is geared towards creatives looking for larger jobs and permanent work. With the option for freelancers to mark their calendars and their status as Working or Not working, you can determine which UX designers to hire for your schedule.

Working Not Working

Key Points

  • Working Not Working has UX designers for hire looking for different kinds of design work.
  • WNW does not charge a commission, so for large-budget or long term design projects, it can be an inexpensive way to hire.
  • Human, WNW’s concierge service, can help you save time when selecting a UX designer for your project.
Visit Working Not Working

5. Behance

Adobe created Behance to allow creatives using the Adobe Creative Suite to display their work. Behance is a portfolio format that allows designers of different kinds to display their artwork and products. The platform requires membership to access hiring, or an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to start out. The platform is also structured as a social network for creatives to provide feedback and work together.


Key Points

  • With an infrastructure for animated and video presentations, designers can show off UX functionality.
  • Artists of different types and levels use Behance, so you can find a UX designer for your budget and needs.
  • Designers pay a fee to post portfolio work, which helps ensure that the UX designers are committed and receiving work.
Visit Behance

6. Freelancer

Freelancer is one the largest freelance marketplaces with millions of registered users. The platform is a bit different in that it charges a flat fee for most projects, or a flat fee for freelancers hired from the Preferred Freelancer Program. The Preferred Freelancer Program provides a better pool of candidates. In addition, both parties pay fees for initiating a project, whether or not the project is completed.


Key Points

  • There are various ways to find a UX designer for hire including holding a contest, posting a job, or using a filtered search.
  • You can hire UX designers that fit most hourly rate budgets.
  • You can pay according to completed milestones.
Visit Freelancer

7. UX Hires

UX Hires is a platform dedicated to matching UX designers with projects. Curated, the platform provides options for long term hires as well as freelancers. An initiative of the company, Motivate Designs, UX Hires creates the opportunity for Motivate Designs to scan for some of the best UX designers as well as procure business when it is a fit. When it’s not, they get you set up with a designer for you.

UX Hires

Key Points

  • With a focus on UX design, you can find UX designers with different technical and soft skills.
  • The team has breadth and depth of experience in the field, so they know the questions to ask to get you a team.
  • There is flexibility in the types of hire you make.
Visit UX Hires

8. People Per Hour

PeoplePerHour, PPH, was initially geared towards the European market. PPH uses a tool called workstream to manage your projects and interact with your hires. There is also a focus on hiring through packages called “hourlies,” which have a set price and description.

People Per Hour

Key Points

  • There are UX designers available to fit most budgets.
  • An element of PPH is its focus on small businesses, and tailoring solutions to small business needs.
  • “Hourlies,” or pre-packaged services, mean that you can save time on hiring UX designers by not developing a job description or sorting through applicants.
Visit People Per Hour

9. Fiverr

Fiverr began as a marketplace of “gigs” at only $5. It has since expanded to include customized jobs up to $10,000. The site remains focused on smaller jobs, previously running a campaign about custom logo designs at $5. On Fiverr, you can also upgrade to Fiverr Pro, which grants access to vetted freelancers and on-call support. Jobs are posted by the freelancers from which you can hire or ask for a custom design.


Key Points

  • Fiverr Pro provides access to a select group of UX designers.
  • UX designers for hire post “gigs” for you to select from, so you do not have to write a job description.
  • UX designers are identified by different levels, so you know how much experience the freelancer has on the site.
Visit Fiverr

10. Webby Central

Webby Central is a collection of companies with different specialties that take UI and UX design seriously. With reach across different countries, Webby Central has completed projects in different industry verticals. While it is not a traditional hiring platform, Webby Central has the tools you need to get the work done.

Webby Central

Key Points

  • Webby Central can provide UX design as well as stack development.
  • With their collection of companies, you can work with a company that specializes in the type of work you need.
Visit Webby Central

11. DesignHill

DesignHill makes for a convenient and affordable platform to hire UX designers. Trusted by numerous leading brands and businesses in the likes of BBC, Deloitte, Microsoft, and more, DesignHill is a leading marketplace of creative designers that connects businesses and employers with professional designers.

Recruiters and businesses can post a contest that would allow you to crowdsource multiple design options from numerous skilled designers. DesignHill also offers a range of design services that employers can turn to for their specific requirements in addition to the design contest.


Key Points

  • Flexible pricing options
  • A large pool of talented designers
  • Customer support 24/7
Visit DesignHill

12. 99Designs

99Designs is an online platform that connects recruiters and businesses with some of the findest design industry UX designers. Like DesignHill, 99Designs also offers you the option to start a design contest that enables multiple designers to share their creatives with you.

Founded in 2008, 99Designs serves as a global community of professional designers that have given life to more than one million creative projects. Whether you’re looking for a website UX designer or an app UX designer, 99Designs is a highly trusted platform sure to live up to your expectations.


Key Points

  • Customer ratings 4.8/5
  • A pool of experienced and award-winning designers
  • Designer-centric platform
Visit 99Designs

13. Guru

Guru is widely regarded as one of the world's best, most secure, flexible, and cost-effective freelance talent platforms. With a claimed 99 percent satisfaction rate, Guru provides you with a maximum value at minimum cost. Additionally, Guru verifies its freelancers and publishes their feedback scores and All-Time Transaction Data to help you identify the best UX professionals from across the globe.

Guru also offers round-the-clock customer support and a secure SafePay payment platform, making it easy for you to work with UX freelancers. Guru is currently home to over 320,000 designers.


Key Points

  • Flexible hiring and payment options
  • Customer support 24/7
  • Trusted platform with a large talent pool of designers
Visit Guru

14. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most robust, most popular professional social media and networking platforms. Businesses, recruiters, brands, and professionals from across industries and continents use LinkedIn. This makes LinkedIn a powerful platform to hire UX designers.

The social media giant is home to a vast array of UX designers from across the globe. Whether you’re looking for a beginner level talent or a seasoned UX professional with a great track record, LinkedIn Jobs will help you strike the right balance between hiring a qualified candidate and finding them fast.

Currently, LinkedIn boasts of over 675 million monthly users, and its simple-to-use search filter and trusted messaging environment make it easier to connect with the right candidates.


Key Points

  • Flexible budgets
  • A proven platform for hiring candidates
  • One of the largest talent base of UX designers
Visit LinkedIn

15. DesignCrowd

Currently, DesignCrowd is home to 892,406 designers who have completed 381,945 projects for more than 100,000 businesses in the likes of Microsoft, Spotify, Virgin, Yahoo, and other leading brands. DesignCrowd makes it easy to find and hire the right UX designer freelancer.

If you cannot find what you're looking for, DesignCrowd will work with you to help you get the right result. To make things simpler, DesignCrowd also offers a money-back guarantee on all refundable projects.

Working with DesignCrowd is straightforward. Share your creative brief and choose a 3, 5, or 10-day deadline. You’ll begin receiving the first set of creative talent in less than 24 hours. DesignCrowd is known to provide businesses over 100 designs per project.


Key Points

  • Money-back guarantee
  • A large, global, and experienced pool of designers
  • Get heaps of quality designs for low costs
Visit DesignCrowd

16. WeWorkRemotely

Launched in 2011, WeWorkRemotely boasts of over 2.5 million monthly website visitors making it one of the most promising destinations to find and hire talented remote UX designers. WeWorkRemotely is trusted by leading businesses in the likes of Google, Amazon, Basecamp, to name a few.

Since UI and UX designers constitute a significant portion of the platform’s talent base, WeWorkRemotely is home to some of the most professional and forward-thinking design candidates. Whether you’re looking for an iOS app designer or a website UX designer, WeWorkRemotely will offer your credible candidates on a full-time or part-time basis, depending on your requirements.


Key Points

  • Popular platform for recruiters looking to hire remote UX designers
  • Trusted by leading brands
  • Large pool of skilled UX designers
Visit WeWorkRemotely

17. Ramotion

Ramotion is a California-based digital design agency that has worked with growing startups and established businesses in the likes of Salesforce, Oracle, Netflix, Adobe, Snapchat, to name a few. Ramotion specializes in designing mobile apps and web products to offer an intuitive and consistent user experience.

Founded in 2009, Ramotion’s team of multidisciplinary design experts focus on branding, UI/UX design, mobile, and web development to help you take your digital product to the next level.


Key Points

  • Process-driven designers
  • Dedicated team of expert designers
  • Heavy-weight clients
Visit Ramotion

18. Fuzzy Math

With over ten years of experience, Chicago-based Fuzzy Math is a UX agency that focuses on delivering top class user experiences for digital products and services. Founded in 2009, Fuzzy Math embraces creativity and offers professional empathy in a way to help you bring your digital products to life without having to incur additional costs.

Having worked with brands like Hyatt, Microsoft, Expedia, among others, Fuzzy Math’s UX design services are geared towards helping you overcome any and every design problem seamlessly.

Fuzzy Math

Key Points

  • Multi-talented and well-experienced design team
  • Agile and dynamic teamwork
  • Efficient operations
Visit Fuzzy Math

19. Clay

San Francisco-based Clay is a full-service digital product and UX agency that designs and develops world-class user experiences across all platforms and brand touchpoints.

Having worked with stalwart businesses like Amazon, Slack, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Google, Sony, Fossil, and Huawei, to name a few, Clay applies behavioral science to offer top-notch user experiences. This precision and seamless way of working has helped Clay’s UX design services win several awards and accolades.

With more than 11 years of presence in the design business, Clay is a dependable agency to turn to for your design and UX requirements. From apps to websites, Clay’s team of experienced designers will help you build intuitive and immersive digital products.


Key Points

  • Top-class designers
  • Extensive industry expertise
  • Trusted by leading brands and businesses
Visit Clay

20. UX Studio

UX Studio is a Budapest-based digital design company with over 40 team members. Trusted by several leading brands like Google, Netflix, HBO, T-mobile, Bosch, to name a few, UX Studio operates with an unwavering focus on delivering high-quality UX/UI designs.

From front end UX design to prototyping to developing and establishing a complete design system, UX Studio offers has successfully delivered more than 250 UX projects. UX Studio uses a balanced, holistic, strategic, and explorative process to deliver the right results.

UX Studio

Key Points

  • Hire designers based on your needs
  • Dedicated and experienced team of UX designers
  • Offers UX training and design sprints as additional services
Visit UX Studio

21. Beyond

Beyond is a design and technology agency that creates beautiful experiences and world-class digital products. Beyond helps their clients build top-notch user experiences. With an unassuming focus to transform customer experiences, Beyond offers the best in strategy, design, and engineering to help you build better, more efficient digital products.

Beyond can help you throughout your digital journey to offer better user experiences as they work with you to define your product vision and design an effective strategy that will improve your business outcomes.

Having worked with big-wig brands and businesses like Google, Facebook, Warner Bros.,, to name a few, Beyond’s team of skilled designers are more than capable of helping your UX requirements.


Key Points

  • Lean and effective design process
  • Trusted by leading business houses
  • Creators of award-winning work
Visit Beyond

22. Wandr

Los Angeles-based Wandr is an award-winning product strategy UX design firm that builds intuitive user experiences to make products fun to use. Founded in 2016, Wandr offers its talented team with a remote work culture to provide clients with international experiences in their products. Wandr caters to a global audience.

Coding Dojo, Samsung, Adobe, among many other noteworthy brands, place their trust in Wandr’s capable hands to deliver top-notch design services. Wandr will provide end-to-end strategy, right from design to development services for your project.

Wandr enables you to hire the best people for the job minus the hassles of internal-hiring prices, complicated processes, or long-term commitments.


Key Points

  • Highly qualified designers
  • A wide range of design services
  • Award-winning design firm
Visit Wandr

23. Lollypop Design Studio

Lollypop Design Studio is a global design agency that offers impressive design solutions and services to transform and scale businesses successfully. From Fortune 500 companies to up and coming startups, Lollypop Design Studio has worked with organizations and brands of all sizes. Noteworthy businesses who trust Lollypop Design Studio include Burger king, CISCO, Viacom, and Intel, to name a few.

Established in 2013, Lollypop Design Studio has a team of over 150 members who have propelled the design agency to win over 20 global awards and accolades.

Lollypop Design Studio

Key Points

  • Award-winning design agency
  • High-quality design services
  • Tech-driven processes coupled with empathetic and cognitive science
Visit Lollypop Design Studio

24. Momentum Design Lab

Founded in 2002, Momentum Design Lab is a Silicon Valley-based 30-person design company that helps global brands, startups, and enterprises to create meaningful user experiences. With a strong presence in several major hubs like London, Sydney, and New York City, Momentum Design Lab offers UX services for digital product design to clients spanning financial services, retail, consumer tech, and healthcare.

Having worked with clients like SAP, Oracle, Facebook, Adobe, and Walmart, it’s safe to say that stalwart brands trust Momentum to deliver top-quality designs and services. Momentum has also won several awards.

Momentum Design Lab

Key Points

  • Focus on user experience and innovation
  • Globally Rated #1 UX Agency on 4 Years in a Row
  • Offers a range of design and UX services
Visit Momentum Design Lab
honorable mention

December Labs

From Enterprise corporations to up and coming startups, December Labs is known for building dynamic, robust, and game-changing digital products. December Labs build scalable and flexible solutions after understanding the complete product cycle.

Additionally, their experienced senior project managers ensure that you always have their support and guidance for on-time and on-budget delivery. December Labs has a strong presence in San Francisco, Houston, and Montevideo.

December Labs operates to identify UX challenges or user requirements and build wireframes and prototypes to solve those issues across all digital products. December labs have won several awards and accolades over the last few years.

December Labs

Key Points

  • Team of top-notch designers and experts
  • Dedicated project managers
  • Trusted by leading brands like Google, Accenture, Santander, and more.
Visit December Labs
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