About DesignerHire

We are a team of entrepreneurs from diverse industries. We are continuously looking for ways to improve and simplify life, saving time on tedious processes so that we gain more time for the things we actually want to achieve. DesignerHire is just one of our developments, but it's a pretty useful one!

History of the Platform

This website was started as a solution to a problem our team continued to face in our own pursuits. As a group of entrepreneurs we found ourselves frequently frustrated by the difficulty of finding the right freelancer--and freelance designer in particular. We came from different backgrounds, so hiring a designer, with specific skills we did not have, was tough enough. But finding the right platform to do so was, well, frankly, a waste of time! We would recommend the websites we found to one another, but each of us had different needs, so each subsequent person would end up having to re-do the research.

We decided that if it was causing us this much trouble, there were probably other people out there encountering the same frustrations. So we created DesignerHire. The platform started with a list of the different websites we had used, and evolved to include a ranking system, algorithm, and finally an online quiz. We hope that these features will save you time.

Companies, products, services, and tools mentioned in DesignerHire.com are subjective and represent the opinions and views of the editorial staff of DesignerHire.com. We look for what we think is best for most businesses and companies. These recommendations are not meant to be an exhaustive list of options, but represent a place to start in your hiring and recruiting process. DesignerHire is operated by Talent Sites LLC and some of our recommendations may include sites affiliated with Talent Sites LLC.

The Future of the Platform

Right now the platform is completely free, but we have ideas for how to monetize it-- we are entrepreneurs after all! With the right funding stream we hope to keep it free for you and all the users to come.

Here are some of our ideas. We’d love to hear yours.

  • Of course, we can always add advertisements. But that is so lame.
  • We could allow platforms to run adds or have sponsored results in the quiz. But that dilutes the pie.
  • We could have designers and agencies advertise on the site--or better yet, sponsor articles on the site so that we have interesting content to accompany the quiz.
  • We have to admit, our questionnaire software is pretty flawless. We could sell it to other platforms to run their own quizzes and questionnaires so that responses and recommendations are tailored to the individual taking the quiz--and not just a generic “you chose A most of the time, so you are a merlot.”
  • Perhaps we break into the the field of training teams on how to best hire and manage freelancers.
  • The quiz software might be helpful to designers, and UX designers in particular, who work to obtain information about customers. Potential customers would be more willing to take a survey that actually provides the customer with useful information, but it's also a win for the designer who has the opportunity to gain data on consumer preferences.