Top 15 Sites to Hire Android designers in 2022

December 2021 · 18 min read

Android designers

What is Android, its importance for businesses today, and a list of 15 marketplaces to hire the best Android designer for your project.



What is Android and why is it important for businesses?

With mobile apps allowing for more personalized communication, there has been a paradigm shift in the available mobile and app development solutions. Businesses across spectrums are looking for talented and expert Android designers to turn their ideas into profitable business streams.

Android systems are one of the popular languages among all smartphones sold worldwide. Devices that support Android are relatively on the affordable side and easily available, making them an attractive choice for the majority of the customers in emerging markets.

Having a smart approach to mobile development is crucial for businesses if they want to succeed in today’s market. Android is one of the best options out there for businesses looking to expand their reach into global markets. By hiring the right Android designer, you can rest assured that your app will be well-built and will find its necessary product-market fit. There are a plethora of platforms available today where you can easily hire Android designers that are qualified, experienced, and skilled.

Advantages and challenges of Android

Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems around the world. It is now powering some of the best phones ever made. But even the best platforms come with their set of advantages and challenges. Here are some of them.

Advantages of Android

Cost-effective: Android is a Linux-based software and it’s open-source making it free to use without any license fees.

Integrating inter-applications: Being an open-source platform, Android supports all types of inter-application integration making development easy.

Beautiful designs: Android supports 2D and 3D graphics giving you the ability to design beautiful-looking applications that attract customers.

Demands simple skills: An Android designer with working knowledge of Java programming capabilities can easily develop good android applications with minimal effort.

Challenges of Android

Security issues: While Android’s open-source is a blessing, it can also attract malware and hacks that can damage your app.

Software Fragmentation Issue: With many versions of the Android operating system for different devices, developers can’t just focus on the most recent versions of the OS as not everyone upgrades their devices.

Copyright problems: Google doesn’t conduct thorough patent or copyright checks when launching an app which means you can suffer from copyright infringement if Google Play releases an app that copies your unique solutions.

User spending habits: Various studies have shown that Apple users spend way more on their apps than Android enthusiasts. So, if your app isn’t free, this could be a potential drawback.

What is an Android designer?

An Android designer is a developer who understands mobile app development and has a strong grasp of the basic programming languages such as Java, HTML5, CSS, PHP, and more. They work with the startup’s development team or project manager for your Android app development.

What can an Android designer do for your business?

Businesses today are identifying how mobile apps such as iOS and Android can help amplify reach and multiply their customer base in the digital era. With your customers using a smartphone to access a variety of applications, having a presence there is a must.

Android OS today commands a sizable share of the mobile app development market. With over 2.5 billion active users spread across the world, businesses are looking to hire Android designers to appeal to that market.

An experienced designer can take your business idea and convert it into an Android mobile app that can appeal to all smartphone users. It puts your business in front of all the potential customers and helps you expand your revenue streams.

What kind of projects do Android designers take?

Whether it’s a gaming app, a replica of your business on a smartphone, an eCommerce store, a portfolio, or anything under the sun–an Android designer can help you build it. A good Android designer will understand your objective and requirements and come back with solutions that could help you achieve said objective.

How to hire Android designers for your mobile app design?

There are various factors to keep in mind when hiring Android designers. Some of them include:

  • The platform from which you’re hiring them, is it credible?
  • Do they have strong recommendations?
  • What kind of projects have they worked on in the past?
  • Do they fit into your budget?
  • Are they in the same time zone or city? Is that a requirement?
  • How long will they take to complete the project?
  • How involved are they during the development process? Are they just executing or are they giving strategic inputs?
  • Do they have updated knowledge of the latest developments in the industry?

These questions and some specific to your project will help you narrow down the quality designers within the candidates and hire Android designers that will deliver to your expectations.

Job Requirements for Android Designers

Here are some basic job requirements for Android designers:

  • They should have prior mobile app development experience
  • They should have a strong UI/UX portfolio
  • They should have strong technical skills: knowledge of design tools such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Photoshop
  • They should have strong communication skill set and should be able to articulate their ideas
  • They should have a keen eye for functional design, aesthetics, and detail
  • They should have a strong grasp of programming languages such as CSS, Java, HTML, and more
  • They should be a good team player

Average salary of Android designers

The average salary for an Android Developer in the US is $107,216. The average total compensation for an Android Developer in the US is $124,172.

Top 15 sites to find and hire Android designers

Here’s a list of 15 marketplaces and companies where you can hire Android designers for your project.

One of the best freelance marketplaces for tech talent, Toptal is the preferred choice of most businesses looking to hire Android designers that are also experts in mobile design, product design and graphic design. The company does all the groundwork for you so that you can just choose the designer you like and get started. Toptal is known for its rigorous vetting process that only allows 3% of the total applicants to be a part of the platform. You can work with an Android designer for a trial period of up to two weeks and then confirm the engagement. Some of the top brands such as Motorola, Thumbtack, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise choose Toptal for their mobile app and software development projects.

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Openxcell is a team of experienced engineers, tech enthusiasts, and mobile app developers. With over a decade of experience, the company is now considered to be in the top league when it comes to Android app development. They are a CMMI Level 3 software development company and have won the Best Software Development Firm award from GESIA in 2014 and 2015. Not only will they build the app for you but they’ll also help you with additional marketing support after the design service.

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Similar to Toptal, also thoroughly vets all its design experts so that they can easily get absorbed into specialized teams across the globe. Most of’s team is US-based, so if the time zone is a priority for you then they have you covered. The Android designers on go through a series of seven assessments to ensure they have the skills, experience, and technical experience to handle projects of all shapes and sizes. Brands such as Cisco, NBC, and Tesla, all choose for their development needs.


To hire Android designers on Gigster, you start by talking to the team explaining your project and its requirements. The team at Gigster will then help you find the right fit for your business goals. The platform helps businesses expand their ability to grow and succeed by offering some of the most experienced talent to handle all kinds of projects. The platform also offers tools for enhanced productivity, a shared development environment with advanced analytics, and the technology needed to build great digital products.

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Awarded the Top App Developers by The Manifest in 2019, Top Mobile App Development Companies by Good firms, and many more such accolades; the team at Chop Dawg can definitely help you hire Android designers that are a class apart. They have over a decade of experience and can help you come up with the game plan your app deserves.

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The team at Cubix has helped startups, enterprises, and several Fortune 500 Companies such as Politico, Canon, Sapient, Walmart, PayPal, Tissot, and Estee Lauder to build award-winning Android apps. To hire Android designers here, you start by explaining your project to them based on which they share the costs with you. Once everything is agreed upon, the Android designer starts building your app. The offers 24x7 communication through email, call, and Skype so you’ll also have someone to assist you.

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Simform is essentially a mobile app development company. With more than ten years in the tech industry, they have worked with over 900 clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies such as Sony Music, Pepsico, Hilton, and WHO featured NGOs. Whether you’re looking for a full-fledged team of designers or just want to hire an Android designer to join and work with your team, Simform can help you. They have offices in the US and Canada.

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Similar to other freelance marketplaces, Hired too, vets all its developers before enlisting them on the platform. To hire an Android designer here, you share your project requirements, geographical location, language, and experience level, and Hired’s algorithm finds the appropriate candidate for you. However, the whole process of finding and hiring someone can take up to a month. If you’re looking for quicker and more efficient solutions then Toptal and might be better choices.

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A step up from Fiverr, every Android designer on Fiverr Pro is thoroughly vetted and verified to ensure they deliver the best work. Only developers with the highest feedback scores are allowed to join the Fiverr Pro program which ensures you get a great design team.

The only difference between the two platforms is on Fiverr Pro, the developers pitch to you. It’s not a matching service like Toptal, therefore, it’s crucial that you write a strong description of the project to find the right fit and get well-executed designs.

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Utility is a full-service, end-to-end mobile product agency that can help you develop your iPhone app from conception to completion. They were awarded the Top Mobile App Developer by The Manifest, Goodfirms, and Clutch in 2019. The Android designers at Utility boast of deep experience across various industries, from entertainment and media, medical and wellness, to fintech and fashion. They’ve worked with some of the world’s top brands such as Airbnb, NBA, Coca-Cola, Directv, and more. They will not only help you execute your idea but also assist you in strategizing and marketing your android app.

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Stack Overflow is a niche developer website. It is primarily used as a resource by developers and Android designers to find answers to technical questions. Coders of all skill levels share answers and opinions to coding questions. Being one of the largest developer communities on the web, Stack Overflow's job board is an excellent place to hire Android designers. With over a million qualified developers, you’re sure to find the right candidate for your project.

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X-Team is another great resource to hire Android designers. The platform vets all its candidates to ensure they have the technical expertise before they join the platform. Through their program Unleash+, X-Team funds the learning and growth of its developers and gives them an environment that helps them build their careers and portfolio. This ensures that you’re working with Android designers who are constantly learning and are up-to-date with all the latest trends.

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One of the largest freelance marketplaces consisting of millions of professionals, Upwork offers a number of features making it easy for you to hire Android designers. You can browse through hundreds of profiles, check each individual’s work history, comments, feedback, and reviews. Upwork also offers a unified workspace where you can collaborate and use the platform’s secure payment system. The designers here aren’t vetted and you’ll have to put in the time and energy to find the right fit.

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On Guru, you can browse through the profiles of almost two million experts, propose projects, and hire Android designers for your project. Guru also offers a secure SafePay system to make payments easy. This is a slightly more general freelance marketplace and isn’t specifically focused on developers or engineers. So, you’ll have to filter your search depending on your requirements. The developers are also not vetted by the platform so that’s something you’ll have to do on your own.

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Developers and designers on Codeable are thoroughly vetted, monitored, and ensured to deliver the best work. To hire Android designers, you have to share a brief and scope of work with the team. Codeable then gets back to you with a list of the top recommended profiles for your project. The limited number of profiles allows you to hire someone in under one day. It’s a matching service, similar to Toptal. You can collaborate with your developer on Codeable’s shared workspace and their Escrow system ensures secure and fast payments.

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How to choose the right Android designers?

The type of candidate you hire will depend on your requirements. For example, are you looking for someone part-time/freelance to help you add some features to your existing app or modify one? Or, are you looking to bring in someone full-time to help you develop and maintain the app? Often businesses hire someone as a freelancer and if they like their work then take them on full-time.

You can hire an android designer for as little as $15 to $35 an hour. This rate can go up depending on their expertise and experience. Consider the following when hiring an Android designer:

  • Know your budget
  • Check for reviews/testimonials
  • Confirm the time frame for the launch of the app