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Top 11 sites to find and hire Figma Designers

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

1. Toptal

Toptal receives our highest recommendation when you need the best Figma designers in the field. Toptal provides on-demand, rigorously tested, and highly vetted talent. Each designer and developer on Toptal goes through a thorough screening process, ensuring that only the top talent makes the cut.

In fact, only about 3% of applicants meet Toptal’s strict criteria of quality. It is an exclusive network consisting of world-class talent, but it is also a flexible and scalable service where you can hire Figma designers for any project. According to one verified Trustpilot reviewer, “We needed a UI/UX Designer FAST and the Toptal team found us amazing candidates to interview within a matter of hours.”

Key points:

  • Enjoy a risk-free trial for up to 5 days
  • Completed over 60,000 projects for 25K+ satisfied clients
  • Trustpilot rating of 4.8 out of 5
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2. Upwork

Upwork is one of the largest freelance marketplaces, hosting millions of applicants and job postings. This makes it easy to find Figma designers and other IT talent to fill roles on your upcoming project quickly. Narrow down the search with the platform’s premium Enterprise Suite tools to access advanced resources.

Freelancers and hiring managers alike appreciate Upwork’s commitment to security and transparency. Hire Figma designers and work with them in a safe environment that protects data and provides 24/7 support.

Key points:

  • Interview and negotiate with applicants for no charge until you approve their work.
  • Project Catalog feature expedites the planning phase.
  • Check candidate portfolios and qualifications directly on the Upwork platform.
Visit Upwork

3. Hire Digital

It can be difficult to find freelance Figma designers with the qualifications you desire, but Hire Digital makes it easier by offering curated talent recommendations. Hire Digital aims to inspire confidence in its recommendations by thoroughly screening candidates to ensure they have a proven track record and excellent design expertise.

Rather than requiring you to sift through dozens of applicants, Hire Digital helps you hire Figma designers quickly by doing the searching for you. Speak to their marketing experts, who will then introduce you to qualified talent so you can get to work without delay.

Key points:

  • Hire talent on demand so you can meet project deadlines.
  • Hire Digital is risk-free and strives to guarantee project satisfaction.
  • Gain access to in-platform communication tools to facilitate seamless collaboration with freelance talent.
Hire Digital
Visit Hire Digital

4. Gigster

Gigster is a platform marketed as a software development service that matches companies to the developers, designers, and project managers who will best complement their projects. To that end, Gigster also offers specialized design services to help make your vision a reality.

Hire Figma designers as part of an existing and fully managed design team through Gigster. Leverage the advantages of end-to-end management, full project visibility, and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence when building your project.

Key points:

  • Over 5,000 successful projects delivered by Gigster’s team.
  • Minimize risk with Gigster’s fixed project pricing.
  • Provides a proprietary engineering dashboard to help analyze project data.
Visit Gigster

5. DesignHill

Designhill is a creative marketplace where hiring managers can find freelance designers for any type of project, from web or app design to logo illustrations. Hire freelance Figma designers who will build your project interface before handing it over to you, no knowledge of coding necessary on your part.

In a video testimonial, Colormatics co-founder Sean Jaques praised Designhill, saying “Finding Designhill was an incredible lifeline.” Booking a consultation is free to help you decide if Designhill is the right place to hire Figma designers for your team.

Key points:

  • Host a design contest on the Designhill platform and choose your ideal candidate from among the winners.
  • Over 5 million designs created by freelancers hired through the platform.
  • Start by filling out a design brief according to your own specifications.
Visit DesignHill

6. 99designs

As another general-purpose design talent marketplace, 99designs is a popular destination for businesses searching for UI/UX designers and even specialized Figma designers. As you might expect from a site specializing in graphic design talent, you can browse candidate design portfolios with an emphasis on aesthetic creativity.

As a feature of 99designs, you can also collaborate with in-house project managers and creative directors who will take a hands-on approach to maximizing your project’s branding potential.

Key points:

  • Contact a 24/7 support team with questions or to receive a free design consultation.
  • Create an effective design brief in just a few minutes.
  • Web page design starts at US$599.
Visit 99designs

7. Freelancer

Freelancer, as the name implies, is an effective choice when you need to hire Figma designers on a temporary or remote-work basis. Asserting itself as the world’s largest freelance marketplace, Freelancer is a place where you can recruit talented individuals for a wide range of general roles or narrow your search down to something as specific as Figma design.

Freelancer acknowledges the capabilities of Figma and helps you find the right individual who can build a polished UI experience complete with vector designs and customized visuals.

Key points:

  • Integrate the Freelancer API to streamline the recruitment process.
  • 80% of jobs receive bids from freelance candidates within 60 seconds.
  • Pay only when you are 100% satisfied with the work.
Visit Freelancer

8. Fiverr

Fiverr earned its reputation as a “gig” marketplace where talented professionals could leverage their skills to earn extra cash by completing small tasks on the side. It is now a trusted platform where you can hire Figma designers and all manner of other professionals for custom jobs up to $10,000.

Even so, Fiverr retains an emphasis on small jobs. If you need a Figma designer to help you with a small-scale design task or to create a visual for just one particular aspect of your website or application, Fiverr may be the place to look.

Key points:

  • Upgrade to Fiverr Pro for advanced tools and resources.
  • Post a job or select a gig posted by a Fiverr freelancer.
  • Sort candidates by qualifications, experience, and client reviews.
Visit Fiverr

9. Contra

Contra is a talent platform that encourages hiring managers to build a skill-based flexible workforce. The platform facilitates that goal by providing a team management framework and a suite of hiring tools all in one place. Hire Figma designers through Contra and then manage team projects without the need to migrate your candidates to a separate environment.

In a testimonial for Contra, Carla Giordano, Senior Financial Accountant at Framer, said, “From a legal and finance perspective, Contra provides a full range of features that enables us to properly onboard and pay every freelancer we work with.” These features and tools can help teams scale efficiently, whether they need Figma expertise or any other type of freelance talent.

Key points:

  • Used by over 20,000 teams and 800,000 freelancers.
  • Manage your entire hiring workflow in one place.
  • Filter candidates by the number of recommendations from previous clients.
Visit Contra

10. Codemap

Codemap (stylized as c0dem4p) is a hiring platform with an emphasis on coding and automation talent. However, you can also find developers and designers from every IT skill niche on the Codemap platform. This means you can hire Figma designers to design, prototype, or convert your application interface or fill other crucial roles on your team through Codemap.

Codemap also provides the services of an expert curation team that will tailor talent recommendations based on your projects and goals. Match and connect with strong candidates through qualified introductions so you can focus more on the project workflow.

Key points:

  • Minimal coding knowledge is necessary to maintain completed Codemap projects.
  • Use the smart brief tool to help write your job description and match with qualified talent quickly.
  • Creating a project on Codemap is free.
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honorable mention


YunoJuno markets itself as a single platform where you can source, onboard, manage, and pay contractors for your project teams. The platform also includes built-in global worker classification and tax compliance features, ensuring a smooth experience even if you are building a remote team of professionals from around the world.

Hire Figma designers, manage your projects without leaving the YunoJuno platform, and pay your contractors with just a few clicks. You can even automate workflows and data storage to further streamline the experience, giving your freelance design team more freedom to do what they do best.

Key points:

  • Access insightful freelance market reports directly through the YunoJuno platform.
  • Tap into YunoJuno’s talent sourcing team at no extra cost.
  • Analyze real-time data and insights to optimize your YunoJuno projects further.
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