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The Top 20 Sites To Hire The Best Mobile App Designers:

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

1. Toptal

With personalized matches, top designer talent, and customer service, Toptal works to save you time and risk on your app development project. Rather than offering an open marketplace, Toptal recruits and hires only the top 3% of mobile app designers into their talent network.

Known for its rigorous vetting process, Toptal matches clients with freelance mobile app designers with more than just a skillset—they take into account each developer’s English level mastery, your company culture, and team dynamics to find clients of different sizes and project needs.


Key Points

  • Toptal prides itself on hiring only the top 3% of freelance mobile app designers for Android and iOS, so you won’t have to worry about the quality of talent
  • The platform has a curated matching service, so you can save time by finding a freelancer for the job. The matching service will also help you think through the project itself, which helps clarify a project timeline or assess the need for additional resources.
  • With Toptal’s no-risk trial period, you’re protected in case things don’t work out with your freelancer.
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2. Upwork

Upwork is the result of a merger between two freelance companies. The platform provides project management support, with milestones and easy communication. Upwork Pro and Enterprise take out some of the work that is involved with sorting through the masses of freelance mobile app designers by providing you with a pre-screened pool of Android and iOS developers.


Key Points

  • Upwork is one of the largest marketplaces for freelancers.
  • You can hire mobile app designers of various kinds, including hybrid or cross-platform app developers and designers
Visit Upwork

3. 99designs

On 99designs, designers display their ideas for your mobile app before you select a mobile app designer or mobile app developer to hire. With a contest format, designers submit ideas, and you select the idea and designer you would like to work with on your development project. You can choose different packages, which incorporate designers at different experience levels.


Key Points

  • When you post your request as a contest, you can receive dozens of submissions.
  • If you instead choose to work with a single designer, you have access to one of the best mobile app designers on 99designs.
  • There are different price options, so you can decide the balance between budget and expertise on your mobile project.
Visit 99designs

4. Dribbble

The Dribbble platform was created for the designer rather than for the consumer. Dribbble began as an invite-only community, where designers could provide feedback, share ideas, and build teams. Designers post portfolios and anyone can search by keywords, discipline, and even location. Since then Dribbble has expanded to include a job page where designers can apply for jobs.

You can post a job, reach out to mobile app designers directly, or use the Talent Partner solution to find a potential fit. With Dribble, you’ll tap into one of the top communities for developers to help find you one for your budget.


Key Points

  • Dribbble hosts designers of different skill sets.
  • The location search on Dribbble provides the option to make a local hire and work with someone in-person.
  • Dribbble Talent provides access to pre-vetted app design recommendations.
Visit Dribbble

5. Working Not Working

Working Not Working (WNW) has an “UnJobBoard” for creatives. The platform is dedicated to making the process of finding a designer and working with a designer to not feel like work. Like Dribbble, the site began as invite-only but has opened to anyone. If someone on the “Membership Board” likes a member’s profile, they can nominate them to be “vetted”, and the board can vote. Members post their availability, so you know who is available when.

Working Not Working

Key Points

  • Working Not Working has designers looking for freelance, part-time, or full-time mobile app design and development work.
  • The platform allows you to look for designers within your timeframe.
  • Human, WNW’s concierge service, helps you find developers for your project.
Visit Working Not Working

6. Envato Studio

Envato Studio is part of the larger Envato network, which has a collection of services, training, and marketplaces. The Studio is a place to find pre-packaged services from companies and individual designers. There are both WordPress and other themes and services such as designing a mobile interface. Prices on everything remain relatively low.

Envato Studio

Key Points

  • Envato Studio provides solutions for simple mobile applications on Android and iOS.
  • Envato is relatively affordable.
  • If your needs are fairly straightforward, Envato Studio can be an affordable solution.
Visit Envato Studio

7. DesignCrowd

On DesignCrowd, you post your request, and designers submit their ideas for how to envision your mobile app. You then can choose any of the designs and move forward with that particular designer to continue revisions. Prices start at a flat rate, and go up from there if you are interested in incentivizing quality designers submitting their proposals or want some backend build out.


Key Points

  • DesignCrowd is relatively affordable, cost-friendly, structured, and efficient.
  • The site’s structure helps protect against scams.
  • DesignCrowd has a money-back guarantee—so if you don’t like any of the development solutions, you only lose the overhead fees.
Visit DesignCrowd

8. Behance

Behance is a portfolio platform created by Adobe for artists and designers. Anyone using Adobe Creative Suite can create a portfolio on the site, and some of the portfolios are pieces of art. The platform has mechanisms for hiring, but unless you are familiar with design principles, finding an app designer through portfolios can be tough!


Key Points

  • Behance features artists and designers of different kinds at all levels, so there are options around the budget and structure for hiring a mobile app designer.
  • Behance is fairly unique in hosting animated or video presentations of designer’s work, which allows you to explore the interface.
  • Behance is the Adobe Creative Suite’s platform for displaying artists using their products, which means you can see Adobe used in creative ways.
Visit Behance

9. People Per Hour

PeoplePerHour (PPH) is a freelance platform dedicated to helping small businesses and individuals create independent livelihoods. UK-based, PPH is more focused on the European marketplace than some other platforms. You have the option of posting a job or hiring through an “Hourly,” a set-price package of service. Designers are from around the world and charge a range of prices for their development work.

People Per Hour

Key Points

  • You can find an app designer at any rate and experience level, and check out their portfolio before you hire a mobile app designer.
  • PPH focuses on serving small businesses.
  • You can select pre-priced projects to help you know what you are getting.
Visit People Per Hour

10. Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the largest freelance platforms in the world. You can sign up easily and post a job if you want to hire mobile app developers or mobile app designers. Alternatively, you can post a contest for mobile designers to submit their ideas. For additional fees, you can also include incentives and features to help make sure your app project is seen by freelancers that can deliver on your needs.


Key Points

  • Freelancer has different formats to hire a mobile app designer including through a contest, a job post, or just searching freelancers that meet your criteria.
  • There are freelancers that can meet most costs and budgets.
  • Freelancer’s project management system allows you to set milestones, and pay when those milestones have been achieved.
Visit Freelancer

11. Upstack

Upstack is another freelancer marketplace that thoroughly vets and screens all mobile app developers before working on your project. They have both Android and iOS developers to tackle some of the most challenging mobile app projects.


Key Points

  • Straightforward pricing on an hourly or project basis
  • Screening and assessment
  • Easy communication through their platform
Visit Upstack

12. SimplyHired

SimplyHired’s extensive job board is on par with employment websites like Indeed or Monster. This site has low costs for job postings, making it an attractive option to post and find a mobile app designer for iOS or Android. After processing billions of job applications, SimplyHired is a site that is worth exploring for your next hire.


Key Points

  • Post all over the world
  • Hire full-time, part-time or contract
  • Low cost to post
Visit SimplyHired

13. Stack Overflow

With more than 50 million designers utilizing their services, Stack Overflow is considered one of the most famous networks of tech engineers, designers and developers on the web. Built primarily as a repository for tutorials, StackOverflow has expanded into job boards and listings to help companies hire developers, including mobile app designers.

Stack Overflow

Key Points

  • More than 50 million designers
  • Find individuals and agencies
  • More than 1,000,000 completed jobs
Visit Stack Overflow

14. Guru

Guru's objective is to make hiring the talent you need easy. The site presently has more than 1,000,000 completed jobs and prides itself on having lots of tech talent accessible and available for your next mobile app project.


Key Points

  • Find individuals and agencies
  • See feedback and ratings
  • More than 1,000,000 completed jobs
Visit Guru

15. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a freelancer marketplace and a product company. They have combined their talent database with freelancer time tracking tools, giving you a shop for your freelancer needs. In their talent section, you will find freelancers as well as agencies, giving you a range of talent to access.


Key Points

  • Industry-leading tools paired with a freelancer marketplace
  • Selection of rates and talent
  • Easy payment system through their platform
Visit Hubstaff

16. Buildfire

Buildfire is an intuitive app builder that lets you create and build your app on your terms. Use their out-of-the-box templates and functionality that helps complete 80-90% of your app without a line of code. Buildfire will then take your designs and ideas and put the finishing touches on it to make a functional and workable app.


Key Points

  • DIY mentality that lets you build your app your way
  • Less expensive than working with an agency
Visit Buildfire

17. Authentic Jobs

Focused specifically on tech and development jobs, Authentic Jobs promises results in your hiring process. Many reviews of the site cite getting applicants within a few hours of first posting their job. Users can also edit their job descriptions to alter the types of resumes they are receiving.

Authentic Jobs

Key Points

  • Post jobs to hire full-time, part-time or contract mobile app designers
  • Used by recognizable companies to find talent
  • Edit and update job post during your 60-day posting
Visit Authentic Jobs

18. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely (WWR) is a job board dedicated to job searches centered on remote positions. This platform is favored by tech companies that are distributed or are looking to expand a department with remote workers. Use this site to post your mobile app job if you are looking for a forward-thinking candidate who wants to be on the cutting edge of startups and mobile design.

We Work Remotely

Key Points

  • Suggested if you are comfortable working with a remote mobile app designer
  • Engaged audience who are devoted to remote work
  • Favored by cutting-edge tech companies
Visit We Work Remotely

19. Truelancer

Part freelancer marketplace and services auction site, Truelancer combines the best parts of some of the best sites. Post what you need and then accept bids for your development project or hold a contest for a bigger prize. They have held specific contests in the past for mobile app designers, which means you have a built-in audience of interested freelancers awaiting your next project and specifications. If you want to hire a freelancer directly for an ongoing project (rather than a one-time service), you have that flexibility, too.


Key Points

  • Contest features give you quick, creative app designs in a hurry
  • Find freelancers for hire by specific project
  • Dedicated payment system that is secure
Visit Truelancer
honorable mention


Fiverr began as a marketplace where every “gig” cost only $5. It still has low-cost options but has since grown to include development projects of up to $10,000. While you can post a job, or “gig,” Fiverr has more of a traditional product marketplace feel, where you can select existing packages and add-ons to select the service.


Key Points

  • Fiverr lets you post your job or search packages that freelancers have already posted.
  • With Fiverr Pro you have access to a more select group of freelancers.
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