15 Mobile App Design Companies

Updated on: November 2022 · 8 min read

Mobile App Design Service Companies

Finding talented mobile application design companies for your business or startup is as important as designing the app itself. You can work with an agency that offers mobile application design services and solutions or hires experts from a freelance site. Either option affords you flexibility without being tied into a long-term arrangement; agencies also already possess the experience and infrastructure to design and develop a trending app.

Consider these 15 top mobile app design companies for your business.



Toptal introduces you to some of the top tech talents who specialize in app development. They offer Android, iOS, and cross-platform mobile app design services, including iOS development. View projects Toptal designers have completed, and work with your new mobile app developer on a trial period – only pay if you like their finished work.

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Mindsea offers mobile app design services for Android and iOS. Their 3-step blueprint process delivers data-driven core design functionalities that support business goals. The blueprint includes UI/UX wireframes, designs, prototyping, user experience research, a product roadmap, mobile application development plan and timeline, and technical recommendations.

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Sidebench builds HIPAA compliant mobile and web apps for the healthcare sector but offers mobile app design services for various industries. The app is built in 3 stages: Strategy, design, and development. Clients work with a dedicated team to develop their strategy, then the team researches and creates wireframes, builds designs, and engages these UI designs in rapid testing for feedback.

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Appventurez is one of the best app development companies specializing in iOS, Android, and cross-platform apps. They handle concept art, UI/UX, QA, blockchain development, and project management. Their process is to start with an MVP and develop features from there. Packages range in prices.

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Hired is a marketplace for hiring mobile app designers and app developers. Search their database of vetted experts, including software engineers, engineering management (QA, dev ops, mobile engineers, and data infrastructure managers), IT, and product and project managers.

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Gigster builds and manages a team based on your company’s needs. Team members are vetted by peers and have worked for top companies. Gigster evaluates your project, then builds a custom data-driven team.

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Willowtree is a web development and mobile application development agency whose user research data drives its design. They assess your business model and market challenges to position your product in the marketplace strategically; Willowtree promises you on time and budget delivery, and each app undergoes extensive user testing.

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Rightpoint is an app development agency offering mobile, voice, AI, VR, and iOT development. They develop a product roadmap and brand strategy based on their insights, present a prototype and UI, UX mapping, and information architecture, and then optimize and personalize the app content.

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Cheesecake Labs provides full-stack engineering, UI/UX design, software development, and decision support to ensure they build an app that fits your needs and budget. They deliver the mobile app in iterations as a virtual extension of your team, rather than a contracted agency. Offers development services for iOS apps and Android apps.

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Design agency Five researches, designs, develops and performs in-app growth digital marketing for your mobile app. Once features have been determined in your product design, Five typically develops your app with no additional iterations in the design process. After launch, they perform growth marketing in the app to decrease acquisition costs and increase customer lifetime value.

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TechAhead delivers UI/UX design, architecture, wireframing, and prototyping for mobile apps. Their designs focus on fewer steps for the user and creating clear CTAs. The design and development process includes research, wireframing, prototyping, app design and development, QA and testing, and deployment.

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Dogtown Media guides companies from ideation to market validation and launch of their mobile application. They offer iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile application services, and can sync with IoT devices, FinTech, and medical tech.

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Savvy Apps provides mobile app design solutions. They prioritize your app features and design your mobile experience; iterations are made after the core features are determined. Once the app is launched, Savvy apps increase user acquisition through push notifications.

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Blue Fountain Media is a full-scale media agency that offers mobile app design services from ideation to marketing the finished product. They perform stake-holder interviews to help you decide what problems your app aims to solve, and aim to strategically position you in the marketplace.

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Conclusion: How To Choose a Mobile App Design Company

To choose a mobile application development solution for your company, determine what development services you need.

If you need a few tweaks that your design team can't currently handle and have a clear picture of your product development needs, you may want to work with a freelance site to find a developer for your Android or iOS app.

However, if you require a top-notch development team to build and market your app, consider hiring a mobile app development company for your custom software project. To aid your decision, search the agency’s portfolio for their work on mobile app, user experience, and website development. It’s important you find an agency that you will enjoy working with, and that has a track record of meeting expectations and deadlines, as this also affects your budget.

Other factors that affect the total cost are the range of services you require and whether it is an onshore or offshore agency.

To find mobile application design services, know your budget, requirements, and goals, then do your homework for software solutions.