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Best 11 Sites To Hire The Top Visual Designers

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

1. Toptal

Toptal helps simplify the hiring process. Provide information on your needs and budget, and Toptal will match you with a visual designer for your brand identity, logo design, or social media project. Save time knowing with a rigorous vetting and selection process, Toptal helps you work with designers who have some of the top visual design, communication, and English skills. If the match doesn’t work out, for some reason, Toptal will find you a new designer with no charge for the initial trial.


Key Points

  • With Toptal’s no-risk trial period at the start of each project, you can stress less about the hiring process.
  • Due to Toptal’s rigorous vetting process, Toptal’s visual designers are skilled and can communicate on a professional level.
  • A dedicated Toptal account executive is ready to address concerns you might have about your project, team, or working with Toptal.
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2. Upwork

Upwork is one of the most well-known of the freelance marketplaces. In addition to hosting project management tools, the platform has various upgrade options. Upwork has launched additional packages to help you find some of the top visual designers faster.


Key Points

  • Upwork’s project management tools help keep design jobs on track and communication clear
  • Great designers are available with different skill sets and price levels.
  • Get many things done, including business cards, logo design, and more design services
  • With a track record in the business, Upwork attracts designers worldwide, providing you with options for your freelancers in your time zone.
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3. 99designs

99designs hosts design contests for most graphic design project requests. You submit a proposal, and numerous designers can submit a design as a bid, and you choose the one you like and move forward from there. The platform allows you to select additional options, such as guaranteeing, that more experienced designers bid.


Key Points

  • Choose your favorite visual design from dozens of design submissions, rather than having to guess how a single designer will interpret your needs.
  • Opt to work directly with freelance graphic designers or visual designers
  • Balance price and quality with different pricing options.
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4. Dribbble

Dribbble is a platform built to create a community for high-quality designers. Originally, Dribbble started as invitation-only. It was a close-knit community where designers could share ideas, receive feedback, and build teams. Now the platform is open to anyone and also includes a job page. You can post a job, reach out to designers directly, or use the Talent Partner solution to find a potential fit.


Key Points

  • Dribbble was created to support designers, so it has different types of visual and graphic design services
  • Using the location search feature, you can hire visual designers locally.
  • Dribbble Talent partner can match you directly with a freelance visual designer or web designer
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5. Working Not Working

Working Not Working (WNW) calls itself an “UnJobBoard.” Created as a place to search for creative talent, WNW tries to make the job search process a little more interesting. With catchy taglines, the need to include job benefits, and even a related magazine, WNW doesn’t feel like a regular job board. Originally invite-only, WNW has opened its doors to anyone that would like to start a profile.

Working Not Working

Key Points

  • Find visual designers looking for various kinds of work, including freelance and full-time.
  • The job board’s different structure allows you to get to know designers in a new light, highlighting their motivation and drive.
  • Use WNW’s concierge matching service, Human, to facilitate a match with designers, which helps save you time in the hiring process
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The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) is a place to find U.S.-based talent. The U.S. professional association for design, AIGA has a collection of resources for designers and finding designers. One such resource is a job board. Not geared toward freelancers, the job board is a place to look for full-time visual designers in the U.S.


Key Points

  • AIGA provides two free job postings, which allow you to see what the platform offers without putting a deposit down.
  • This is a source to find visual designers looking for full-time work in the U.S.
Visit AIGA

7. Design Hill

Design Hill has a design contest where you can crowdsource designs and select your favorite. Alternatively, you can source as many designs available as you would like from a single designer with a monthly membership. There is also an option to set up your own contract directly with a designer. Each option is affordable from the side of Design Hill.

Design Hill

Key Points

  • With low pricing for each option, you can see what the platform has to offer without putting significant money down.
  • Using the contest option, receive lots of different ideas on how to visualize your request, and choose your favorite visual design from the submissions.
  • If you have lots of basic design work that needs to get done, the monthly membership is a potential option.
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8. DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd also follows a design contest format. After choosing your package and submitting your proposal, you can receive design submissions from dozens of designers. Choose your favorite and move forward from there. You can decide whether you’d like to pay extra for more qualified designers to enter the contest or for a host of different options.


Key Points

  • DesignCrowd is an efficient and affordable way to hire visual designers and web designers.
  • With DesignCrowd’s money-back guarantee, you only lose the overhead fees if you don’t like any of the designs.
Visit DesignCrowd

9. Behance

Purchased by Adobe to create a place for designers and artists to showcase their work created with the Adobe Creative Cloud products, Behance is a portfolio platform for graphic design, visual design, and website design. Adobe has several hiring packages through Adobe Talent, and if you currently use the Adobe Creative Suite, then you can post a public job post for free. Whether you need a UX visual designer or UI visual designer, look here for a potential candidate.


Key Points

  • Designers will have different salary expectations and levels of experience.
  • You’ll find some of the top visual design skills and talent with years of experience
  • With an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, you can post unlimited jobs for free.
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10. Krop

Krop provides portfolios for creatives and ways to search for creative jobs. You can pay by the job post to receive applications. Alternatively, you can receive access to search the database of freelance visual designers for a monthly rate. The designers have to pay a monthly rate to keep their portfolios active, so there’s a commitment on their part as well.


Key Points

  • With job alerts and a monthly rate for the designers, freelance visual designers can stay engaged even while keeping busy.
  • Their drag-and-drop templates make it so for designers can show off their work;
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honorable mention


Folyo helps simplify your search for a visual designer. Described by the owner as a “private project alert service” for designers, they maintain a database of freelance designers that have been pre-approved by the platform. When you submit your request, it goes out to matching designers, and the ones that are available and respond are then passed to you to review. They can maintain some of the top quality remote visual designers by providing reputable jobs. In other words, they will only accept your job if it comes from a reliable company and pays reasonable rates.


Key Points

  • Sort out designers who are inexperienced or not available from some of the top visual designers has been taken care of for you.
  • You will receive recommendations of designers based on your needs.
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