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The Top 11 Platforms to Hire a Logo Designer Online

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

1. Toptal

Toptal has created a curated experience for clients that helps take risks surrounding hiring out of the equation. This new approach to freelancers provides you with a designer with the skills you need that can meet your timeframe. With extensive screening and testing measures to hire logo designers and other design services such as graphic design or website design, Toptal hires a select few applicants and maintains a close relationship with each one.

Business owners have two weeks to decide whether you want to continue with the designer you’ve been matched with, find a new designer, or leave altogether without incurring an expense.


Key Points

  • Toptal has reduced the risk of hiring logo designers by providing an experienced, professional logo artist for hire.
  • Because of the platform's curated nature, you can save time and stress during the hiring process by getting matched with a designer instead of looking for a logo designer yourself.
  • Toptal is suggested for long-term projects in part due to client-friendly project management features, including the ability to pause and resume hires as-needed.
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2. Upwork

Since its inception, Upwork has hosted millions of users and jobs on their platform. With this volume, you can search for an independent logo designer to fit your project's budget and expertise level. The platform includes project management tools and features different ways to hire freelance logo designers. Suppose you need someone to design a company logo, search logo designers on their site. You can find skilled freelancers for your other design projects too.


Key Points

  • High customer retention rates.
  • Freelance logo designers to fit most budgets.
  • Pay once certain project milestones are completed. (This allows you to sidestep some of the risk involved in hiring.)
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3. Dribbble

Dribbble was created to build a community of support and creativity for designers. The platform began as invite-only to those with design skills. Since its inception, Dribbble has opened up for all users. Designers can create portfolios, meet, share ideas, and find community. Since opening its doors to all designers, Dribbble has also created a job board so that you can hire logo designers directly from portfolios or post on the job board. The Talent Partner solution provides hands-on support in selecting a designer.


Key Points

  • You can find logo designers at many different price points and experience levels, which helps if you need an affordable logo design.
  • The community is structured to find inspiration and ideas from multiple designers.
  • Using the Dribbble Talent Partner can save you time sorting through the many portfolios of eligible designers.
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4. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to deliver your logo. If you have a logo design you need quickly, Tailor Brands may be for you. By completing a series of questions around style, mission, and several visual responses, you’ll then be presented with several logo options. This part of the process is free! If you like any of the options, you can either purchase the logo or continue to refine it as your independent logo designer with a monthly package. Rather than hiring a freelance graphic designer, logo design is up to you!

Tailor Brands

Key Points

  • Since you can try out the design process for free, there’s no risk involved.
  • The platform has a quick turnaround, so not too much time is spent searching through a logo design marketplace.
  • Sign up for a monthly membership, develop, redevelop, and iterate to your heart’s content.
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5. Working Not Working

Working Not Working (WNW) has transformed the job board into an interactive experience. Called an “UnJobBoard,” WNW spices up job postings by encouraging adventurous titles and the inclusion of job perks. Designers can include more about themselves than simply their experience in design (such as their motivations and biggest achievements). Freelance logo designers mark their calendar in the future as “working” or “not working”, so you’ll know who is available during your time frame.

Working Not Working

Key Points

  • WNW has freelancer logo designers at different experience levels.
  • If you qualify for Human, WNW’s concierge service, you can skip the search because they will find a logo designer for you.
  • WNW charges per hire rather than commission, making it is a spot for longer-term hires where you have logo designs needed for numerous projects
Visit Working Not Working

6. Behance

Behance is Adobe’s platform for designers using the Adobe Creative Cloud. This portfolio setting allows designers to show off their work and artwork created with Adobe products' suite. Designers of different types, skill levels, and price points use the site. You sign up for a monthly membership, and then you can reach out to designers directly through portfolios or post a job with your needs.


Key Points

  • There numerous logo designers available, so search for a logo designer that meets your price point.
  • The portfolios allow you to see previous designs, so you’ll know whether someone has designed something similar to what you’re looking for in a logo.
Visit Behance

7. Logo Arena

Logo Arena has the structure of a crowdsource logo design contest with the feel of a freelance marketplace. You enter by choosing your contest's price, length of the entry, and description of the logo design needed. Contests are then listed with the timeframe, description, prize level, and the number of entries for designers to submit. Logo Arena hand-picks designers to help ensure satisfaction.

Logo Arena

Key Points

  • Logo Arena has a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with any of the designs.
  • The platform promises unique and original designs and nothing generated or pulled from web searches.
Visit Logo Arena

8. People Per Hour

PeoplePerHour started with a focus on small businesses and the European market. This freelance marketplace has low rates and allows you to pay per hour or by the project. The “hourlies” option is if you need to hire someone for a one-off task for an undetermined period. If you are looking for logo design, the marketplace can post jobs to find a logo designer or hire a logo designer directly from the profile listings. We suggest this service because the platform provides a project management tool to help you manage your hire.

People Per Hour

Key Points

  • Logo designers to fit most budgets.
  • Save time by not having to search through all designer profiles.
Visit People Per Hour

9. FLD

Rather than a logo design marketplace, conceptually, Freelance Logo Design (FLD) is structured similarly to other platforms with a contest format. However, instead of hundreds of freelancers submitting designs, three freelancers will each submit two. The benefit of this approach is that each of the three freelancers has more incentive to invest time into your project since they have a 33% chance of getting selected. If you find what you are looking for in one of the logo designs, you can select that design or move forward with unlimited revisions for an additional fee.


Key Points

  • Quick logo turnaround times.
  • The process is straightforward and laid out on their website.
Visit FLD

10. 99designs

99designs offers a contest format to find a logo designer with multiple designers able to contribute. You provide the specs and select the designer's level that you would like to contribute, then you sit and wait as submissions are entered. When you find the logo designer you want, you can move forward with that designer and continue to revise the concept until you’re satisfied.


Key Points

  • The contest format means you can see multiple ideas for your logo.
  • The online form you complete will guide you in sharing the type of information that the designers need to begin their creative process.
  • This is a way to hire someone to design a logo quickly.
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honorable mention

Design Hill

Design Hill is “a combination of a crowdsourcing custom design marketplace and a creative platform for designers to learn and showcase their creative work.” You get to decide whether you’d like a crowdsourcing model, where you can choose from dozens of submissions for your logo, or a monthly package, which allows you to make as many requests per month as you’d like. Alternatively, you can work directly with a single designer and take the time necessary to build out the concept. No matter the option, each is an affordable logo design option.

Design Hill

Key Points

  • If you need to hire someone to create a logo, Design Hill provides several options for hiring logo designers.
  • Moving forward with the contest format means you will have the chance to see multiple visions for your logo.
  • Hiring a logo designer directly will allow more time to communicate and develop your vision with the freelance logo designer.
Visit Design Hill
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