Top 15 Remote Freelance UX Designer Job Platforms

Updated on: July 2024 · 15 min read

a freelance UX designer checking remote ux design jobs sites

If you're a freelancer specializing in UX Design, here's a look at some of the leading remote UX designer jobs available to elevate your career.



What is UX Design?

User experience design, also known as UX design, is a nuanced concept that includes many disciplines such as visual design, information architecture, human-computer interaction, usability, and interaction design.

The main objective of UX design is to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction through designing innovative products, both physical and digital, which are helpful, user friendly, and enjoyable.

Why is UX Design Important for Businesses?

UX is important for businesses because it actively attempts to fulfill the user's needs. It tries to provide delightful experiences for the customer to keep them loyal to the product or brand.

Furthermore, having a meaningful user experience gives you the leeway to construct and define customer journeys on your site, affording your business the most success. UX also reduces costs for marketing, bug fixing, and development. Lastly, your return on (ROI) investment too.

UX design aids in providing continuity, coherence, platform-specific designs, and a much-needed intuitive experience.

What Do UX Designers Do?

A UX designer ensures that a product is easy to learn and use by the end-user. UX designers work at the beginning of the production process to ensure that product teams make products that have their users in mind; their needs, wants, and dislikes have to be a top priority.

Moreover, UX designers work with content, branding, navigation, and product functions to guarantee that all of these individual aspects get tied together in such a way as to create a fluid user experience. Essentially, UX designers are integral to the entire customer lifecycle.

How to Find a Job in UX Design?

These are the basic steps that a blossoming UX designer should take to find a job in the industry:

  • Find your niche in this broad discipline
  • Become educated and gain experience
  • Choose a mentor
  • Master the relevant tools
  • Gain practical skills
  • Make a portfolio
  • Write about design
  • Connect with others
  • Practice for interviews

Types of UX Design Jobs Available

Here are a few examples of jobs available as a UX designer:

  • UX Designer, Senior UX Designer
  • Junior Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • UX Designer- Technology Consulting
  • Director of UX Design
  • Managing Principal UX Designer
  • Senior Product Designer
  • Content Designer
  • Freelancer (UX Design)
  • UX Researcher
  • UX Writer
  • UX Strategist

UX Designer Job Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a UX designer are extensive, and they can consist of the following:

  • UX designers will perform user research through interviews, observations coupled with other research methods;
  • UX designers will observe and identify unpleasantries from the perspective of the user---based on your user research;
  • UX designers will create ideas using ideation techniques like the worst possible idea and brainstorming in such a way to solve the user's problem while bringing value to the company;
  • UX designers will choose the ideas with the most potential based on the ideas desirability, feasibility, viability as well as other criteria;
  • UX designers will provide prototype designs which can consist of paper sketches or fully developed interactive digital mock-ups;
  • A UX designer will provide and solicit critiques of your designers as well as the designs that your teammates may have constructed;
  • They will also conduct usability as well as user tests to determine whether or not your designs can improve;
  • Ultimately a UX designer will create a solution that will benefit your company and your users.

What Is the Demand for UX Designers?

As of late, the demand for UX designers is constantly increasing. LinkedIn has ranked UX design as one of the top five desirable skills in 2020. Similarly, as of 2021, Glassdoor had added UX designer to the list of the best 50 jobs to have.

This trend should continue because Google has added UX as a ranking component. That increases the pressure on businesses to focus on UX if they want to compete with similar companies.

UX Designer Salary

The median salary for the User Experience Designer profession nationally is $ 115,743 in the USA. These salary estimates are based on 1,034 salaries anonymously submitted to Glassdoor by employees that hold a User Experience Designer position.

How to Become a UX Designer

Due to the multifaceted nature of the position, the path you ultimately choose can vary greatly. There are several ways to learn UX design, including applying for a UX training program, taking courses at a university, or simply learning on your own.

The better option to choose is to join a UX training program. Furthermore, you can apply to UX Bootcamp programs from Designlab, Springboard, or General Assembly. These courses teach you the fundamentals of UX design.

UX Designer Skills Required

You will need to acquire many skills to earn the title of UX designer. Most of the skills below are ones that you will learn through a UX design course or on your way to attaining a degree.

  • Visual & UI design
  • Testing designs
  • Visual communication
  • Design thinking
  • User flows
  • Interaction design
  • Coding
  • Decision mapping
  • Information architecture
  • Mood boarding
  • Interactive design
  • Wireframing & prototyping
  • UX Research

These skills are not necessarily easy to learn, but by taking courses to improve your understanding of UX design, you will at least get basic exposure to them all.

Top 15 Freelance Remote UX Designer Jobs Sites

Here are the top freelancing sites where aspiring designers can find remote UX designer jobs:

Toptal is a popular freelance website founded in 2010 and based in California to help designers from all over secure a position in the industry. There are five steps to the screening process before a candidate gets approved for the design community. Only the top three percent can join and start looking for jobs immediately.

Visit Toptal

Upwork, founded in 2015, is a rebranded freelancing website in California that can connect freelancers with companies worldwide. The categories range from web design to illustration to product designers, and the possibilities are endless. Designers can simply create a profile with your skills and experience to begin and indicate your interests for more specific results.

Visit Upwork

As indicated by the name, PeoplePerHour helps designers find businesses that hire hourly or per project. Account setup is free, and upon approval, freelancers can start searching for jobs right away. Though the company has its headquarters in the UK, it has been successfully helping designers find employment on a global scale since 2007.

Visit People Per Hour

When designers sign up for Hired, they can create a glowing profile that stands out and highlights their passions, skills, experience, and aspirations. Employers can easily see what you're capable of, and you get access to an extensive database of opportunities. There is also a resume uploader to make it easier to consolidate all skills into one convenient location. Hired is also in California, founded in 2012.

Visit Hired

Designers looking for creativity will appreciate the DesignHill platform, with a diverse array of jobs available. As a professional or beginner designer, you can choose between anything from brochures to websites, logos, and more. You get a chance to build your portfolio and network with clients. You can also create a store and start selling products globally. DesignHill began in 2014, and they have various headquarters globally.

Visit DesignHill has been around since 2009, with its base in Sydney, Australia. It only takes a few minutes to register on the site, providing your skills, work experience, and academic credentials. There are projects available to designers and short-term, long-term, and remote freelance UX designer jobs. The platform also hosts contests so that freelancers can earn additional money and reviews while showcasing their talents.


Another Australian company founded in 2008, 99Designs, is a premier freelancing site for UX designers. There are numerous options tailored to specific niches and interests. Designers can try their hand at book covers, logo designs, merchandise, clothing, and more. By building your profile during registration, a designer will raise their visibility amongst potential clients. You will always have access to a long list of opportunities and networking leads.

Visit 99designs

Dribbble is a Canadian design company founded in 2009 that hosts millions of designers from all over. The mission is to create the largest community in the world for designers to connect, find jobs, and find inspiration. There are also educational opportunities available through this platform. By developing your portfolio, you can stand out on the job board.

Visit Dribbble

Located in one of the world's design capitals, New York, Behance is a social network that has made it easy to find part-time, full-time, and remote UX designer jobs since 2006. Designers can share their work through the website and find meaningful employment during this time where job security can be of concern. All members will receive personalized job lists based on their interests, which constantly get updated to include the newest opportunities.

Visit Behance

Design Crowd is a popular design board covering multiple disciplines for freelance UX design jobs worldwide. This company has headquarters in Australia, was founded in 2007, and hosts nearly a million designers and 100,000 high-profile businesses. Design Crowd's diverse and reliable site can help you find the job that suits you. Simply create a specialized profile and check daily for new positions.

Visit Design Crowd

For those looking to get a remote UX design job, FlexJobs is one of the best options. Part-time work is their specialty, and they also take the time to verify that every job posting is legitimate. By screening clients, credentials, and background information, this platform ensures that you do not get scammed. This company started in 2007, and its headquarters is in Colorado.

The only catch is that this site does require a subscription, but the most basic plan is less than seven dollars. It is worth trying if you want trustworthy clients and work-from-home design opportunities.

Visit FlexJobs

Claiming to be the largest marketplace for remote jobs globally, We Work Remotely boasts an impressive platform. Based in Canada and founded in 2012, We Work Remotely has built a solid reputation amongst businesses and clients that trust the screening process for top clients and employers. Companies such as Amazon and Google also have design jobs available on the site, which happens to be completely free to use.

Visit We Work Remotely

LinkedIn has taken the world by storm by being the professional version of Facebook. It is a social networking platform that offers designers the opportunity to find and connect with employers that can help. UX designers can conclude all of their skills and experience on their profile, and the company can contact you directly through the messaging platform or by phone. LinkedIn is in California, founded in 2003.

Visit LinkedIn

Guru, based in Pittsburgh, has a slightly different structure than some other freelance sites. The designers themselves can submit a quote to the client for a potential project. After creating a profile, the system will provide recommendations based on your interests and experience. Everyone gets a basic free membership, but you will have more tools at your disposal with the paid premium membership. Guru has been in business as a trustworthy platform since 1998.

Visit Guru

Authentic Jobs, Inc. has a broad range of employment opportunities available to creative designers. This site is perfect for remote work, freelancers, part-time, and full-time gigs. You will find almost any job you can imagine on the platform, and they have been successfully connecting designers to awesome jobs since 2005 while being based in Florida.

Visit Authentic Jobs, Inc.

How to Choose the Right UX Designer Job Board

The trickiest part of finding remote UX designer jobs and freelance UX designer jobs, in general, is the timing. You do not want to miss out on any new opportunities, so you go from job board to job board trying to see what they have each day. That can be taxing, and it is easier to focus on one or two at a time instead of constantly checking multiple websites.

Different Options for Remote UX Designer Jobs

There are remote working options for part-time employment, full-time employment, and freelance, or contractual portions where you pick a project when you feel like it.

The main benefit of becoming a UX design freelancer is the independence and ability to control your workload. You never have to worry about being overworked because you can choose the number of projects you take at once.

You also have flexibility when determining how often you want to work and how much you want to make. Lastly, you can gain exposure to a broader scope of jobs and opportunities within the industry that you would not otherwise get if you worked for a specific company.

How to Get Remote UX Designer Jobs

If you would like to know how to get work as a remote UX designer, follow these tips to get started today:

  • Get familiar with remote processes and tools
  • Check the right types of websites that specialize in remote position to find your dream job
  • Be willing to adapt to a new way of thinking and working as it relates to employment circumstances
  • Enhance your portfolio

This last step is essential since you should always be adding more experience to your repertoire. Becoming successful in any field is about putting yourself in the right situation to grow, learn, and cultivate your craft. These websites will have to facilitate your growth as a UX designer.

How to Choose a UX Designer Job Board

Consider the following before you choose a UX job board:

  • If you want to work in a specific location
  • If you have a particular interest that you want to focus on, and you only want to see jobs in that area
  • If you are looking for a specific type of work such as part-time, full-time, or remote work
  • The type of companies that you want to work for (high-profile, starter companies, etc.)
  • Your level of experience

At this particular time, the remote workforce is growing, and in just a few years, the majority of companies will have work-from-home opportunities available. For UX designers that want to set their schedules, this is promising. By becoming a freelancer, you have the choice to work on your terms at a pay rate that satisfies you.