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The Top 15 Platforms to Hire a UX Researcher Online

Based on the facts publicly available as of 01.01.2020

1. Toptal

Over the years, Toptal has created a freelance marketplace that boasts of some of the best professionals from the tech industry. Whether you’re looking for a UX researcher or a web designer, Toptal ensures that you’re matched with a professional that suits your needs, interest, and timeline. The platform’s model and intensive screening and testing process are designed in such a way that ensures you are connected with a freelance professional who can seamlessly blend into your team and deliver quality work for your project.



  • Selective screening only allows the best UX experts into the network
  • Matching service pairs you with the right talent
  • Get a trial period to change the project with no risk


  • Could be more expensive than other platforms because of quality
  • Not a place to brainstorm because of the costs and level of talent
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2. Upwork

One of the oldest and most well-known freelance marketplaces, Upwork has over 17 million users and 3 million jobs posted every year. The platform offers freelance professionals with skills of all kinds. Upwork’s project management tools allow you to avoid risks by paying only once certain project milestones are achieved. With its long history and experience, Upwork is a platform where you can find a UX researcher of all levels and qualifications.



  • Most popular and well-known freelance marketplace
  • Find UX researchers at lower prices
  • Payment is handled through their systeme


  • Impersonal bidding process may prevent you from finding the best candidates
  • Candidates aren’t vetted, so you will have to sort through a wide-range of candidates
Visit Upwork

3. Fiverr

The platform gets its name from the fact that freelancers on Fiverr will offer their services for as low as $5. However, that completely depends on the length and breadth of the project. Fiverr has around 830,000 professionals spread across 160 countries. You can look for a UX researcher either by browsing through their 200 service categories or typing in a keyword to go straight to the profiles. Freelancers on Fiverr create a profile detailing who they are and what they offer. Some of them even offer an introduction video about themselves.



  • Use specialized tools for project management to keep your freelancer on track.
  • Find the service you need rather than directly posting your project. You can then directly contact your preferred ux researcher
  • Sign up for Fiverr Pro for a group of vetted freelancers with more experience


  • Fiverr is known to attract less than reputable people looking to make a fast buck
  • You may need to make a special request if a package does not fit your exact needs
Visit Fiverr

4. Guru

Guru is similar to Upwork. To hire a UX researcher, you have to start by posting a job on their site. Guru looks through their freelancer profiles based on categories, location, rating, rate, and more and presents to you its top freelancers to pick from. The platform also offers a collaboration and project workspace called “Work Room.” In here, you can share deadlines, project details, achievements, or conduct any simple communication with your candidate. You can pay the freelancer through Guru Safepay where you deposit the money and Guru processes it after you approve the work.



  • Presents top freelancers that may match your project
  • Collaboration space for freelancers and clients


  • Agencies are listed too, which may mean higher prices
  • Hard to screen for quality
Visit Guru

5. Freelancer

Freelancer has a huge talent pool of freelancers that is great for project-based work. It allows you to post your project and receive bids from freelancers. The platform has a reputation system that simplifies the process of finding the right professional or UX researcher for your project. Freelancer also gives you the ability to add upgrades to your project for a fee that allows you to make your project feature within the posting system or have Freelancer’s recruiters help you screen your candidates.



  • Find candidates through contests, job postings, or targeted search
  • Accommodates budgets of all sizes
  • Large corporate client base


  • Can be difficult to sort through skills without proper vetting
  • Could face issues with payment systems
  • Well-known site that may attract scammers
Visit Freelancer

6. Workana

Workana specializes in offering freelancers with great tech and design skills. Similar to other freelance portals, you can create a job posting here for a UX researcher highlighting the project details, timelines, and more. The freelancers can then bid on this and you can hire the one that best suits your needs. Freelancers on Workana create their profile highlighting their expertise, rate, and more so, you have a good idea of who you’ll be working with.



  • Large pool of Spanish-speaking experts
  • Multiple fields of expertise
  • Lots of translation offerings


  • Centered on Latin America which may not fit all companies or freelancers
  • Experts are not vetted
Visit Workana

7. 99designs

99designs is a global creative platform that connects designers and clients to work together to create designs they love. The platform crowdsources design which means that when you share a posting, hundreds of freelancers will submit their ideas on how to proceed with your project. You then get to pick the one you like most and work with them. And in case you want to skip this content option, you can look at their pool of experienced UX designers and choose the one you want to work with.



  • Receive lots of entries from a contest posting
  • Choose from multiple designers for the same project if you want
  • Multiple price points for a wide range of expertise


  • Not all talented experts like the contest format, which may mean they will not sign up for 99Designs
  • Hard to communicate specifications or to collaborate in contest format
Visit 99designs

8. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour (PPH) is a UK-based freelance platform primarily catering to the small business in the European market. The platform has its own internal project management tool called “Workstream” that helps manage the work between you and the freelancer. However, with most freelancers speaking English as a foreign language, communication can be slightly difficult. On PPH, instead of posting a job, you can select the set-price hourly package from their “Hourlies” feature.



  • UX researchers available at all budget levels
  • Focused on small businesses
  • Packaged services could help you finish your project faster


  • Limited customer service
  • Add-ons for each part of the job
  • Not all English speakers
Visit PeoplePerHour

9. Simply Hired

One of the best features of Simply Hired is that it allows you to browse freelancers that are based in your nearby location. You can browse through other similar job postings and talk to freelancers to get an estimate of their rate and project deliverables. Simply Hired also maintains a blog where you can learn tips on how to hire the best freelancer for our UX research project.

Simply Hired


  • Good brand recognition from around the world
  • Multiple hiring options including full-time, part-time, or contract
  • Low initial costs


  • The job board format limits the number of immediately available talent
  • Sort and scan through your own applicants
  • No screening except for your own expertise
Visit Simply Hired

10. Flexjobs

Flexjob offers freelancers in a variety of fields. The candidates, as well as the organizations, are screened giving both parties peace of mind about their legitimacy. Freelancers on the website participate in skills test which acts as another layer of credibility for their knowledge and expertise on the subject. You can post a job and interview freelancers before you begin a project with them.



  • Focused on remote and flexible working opportunities
  • Interview freelancers before beginning project
  • Candidates and companies are screened


  • Membership plan is different than most sites
  • Site attracts people of all skill levels and not just in tech or design industry
Visit Flexjobs

11. Krop

Krop’s intuitive search allows you to find professionals for freelance, part-time, or full-time. Creatives create a comprehensive profile using the platform’s portfolio-building tool. Some of the world’s most respectable brands and creative professionals are a part of Krop. To find the perfect fit, you must post a job describing in detail about the project. Krop then allows you to access its database of 100,000 resumes and portfolios. The company also promotes the talents of individual creatives to organizations looking for a more permanent team member.



  • Search for full-time, part-time or contract workers
  • In-house portfolio tools gives you good access to UX work
  • Large database of workers


  • Connects you directly to talent with no buffer or screening
  • Must vet talent on your own
  • Handle payments directly with UX expert
Visit Krop

12. LinkedIn Profinder

With over 575+ million users, and more than 260 million monthly active users. Of the total active users, 40% engage with the platform on a daily basis. These numbers scream opportunity and great professionals that are easily accessible. Professionals build a detailed profile of themselves highlighting their specialization and past work. The ‘Profinder’ is specifically for freelancers so, if you’re looking for someone for a particular project, this would be it.

LinkedIn Profinder


  • Large user base
  • Message designers directly


  • Must vet candidates yourself
  • Hard to filter for freelancers only
Visit LinkedIn Profinder

13. Designhill

Designhill is a virtual marketplace for creative professionals that are experts in digital work. The platform provides a free environment where you can give real-time feedback to the professional working on your project. Freelancers on the platform create their portfolios highlighting their work for potential clients. The website holds contests that freelancers compete in by contributing to a client’s project. You can select the design you like the most, share feedback on it, and request for revisions.



  • Focused on digital work
  • Provide real-time feedback as project progresses
  • On-site portfolios give a wide snapshot of work


  • Not all workers or companies like the contest format
  • One-price work that doesn’t offer room for negotiation
  • May be difficult to work with a selected freelancer again
Visit Designhill

14. LocalSolo

LocalSolo allows you to establish a conversation directly with the freelancers. You can put up your project details and requirements and freelancers apply to them. You can ask about the rates, contract, and payment details directly from the professional. You can look for part-time, project-based and full-time candidates. Post a job, go through the profiles, and find your perfect fit.



  • Curated network of freelancers and UX experts
  • Offers talent in your area
  • Hire direct from the freelancer


  • May not allow you to expand beyond your local area
  • Doesn’t offer as many guarantees because you are working directly with freelancer
Visit LocalSolo
honorable mention


Gigster was designed to serve as a bridge between freelance developers and organizations. Freelancers on this platform are amongst the ranks of top talents who have worked with some of the best tech companies. Some of them are startup founders while some have graduated from schools such as Stanford and MIT. Some of them have created apps that have won an award from Apple.



  • Creates a team automatically for your project
  • All remote teams to work on your project
  • Customized productivity tools


  • Hard to get just one freelancer
  • Not always sure the exact person who is working on your project
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