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The Top 10 Platforms to Hire a Product Designer Online

Based on the facts publicly available as of 01.01.2020

1. Toptal

This is the game changer for freelance marketplaces. Toptal has removed the anxiety from the hiring process. You don’t need to worry about if this product designer is good enough or accomplished, because Toptal has done the hard work for you. Each freelancer has been properly vetted, with skills tests and personal assessments by other expert product designers. Toptal matches customers directly with a freelance product designer and guarantees satisfaction and quality because of its pre-hire assessments. You also get a two-week, no-risk trial to decide if that designer is the right match.



  • Only the best talent. Toptal finds world-class freelancers with exceptional skills.
  • Save time with the curated matching service and find the best product designer for your project much faster. Toptal works with you to find best match.
  • Enjoy a trial period to ensure the freelancer works well with your needs.


  • Toptal only contracts with the best, which may make them more expensive than other sites and marketplaces.
  • Toptal uses dedicated professionals. If you are not interested in a long-term partner and only want to experiment, you may want to try a different service first.
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2. Upwork

On Upwork, you'll have a wide selection of product designers from around the world. Their rates and ratings are stated upfront, so you are never in the dark. Product designers with various skills and prices will be available.

To start on Upwork, post your project with your needs and requirements. From there, various freelancers on the Upwork platform will write to you, bidding and estimating on your project.

Then, you will work with the product designer on the requirements, milestones and progress of your work. You will have to judge the work on your own.

Many companies have used Upwork over the years and they are reliable for payment and managing your accounts. Upwork handles any conversion fees, but they will take a cut of the fees paid to freelancers. Factor this into your payments and prices.



  • Find freelance product designers of varying skill levels and prices.
  • They are the largest marketplace for all freelancers, so you can consolidate the management of your accounts if you use more than one freelancer.
  • Set milestones and easily control when freelancers get paid.


  • Must manage your own freelancer network
  • Skills tests are easy and sometimes unreliable
  • Must use your own judgment on deciding the skills of a product designer. Sign up for a Pro account for more assistance.
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3. Dribbble

What started as a community site for designers has expanded into a powerful portfolio site where users can search by type, location, and skills. You can find product designers on Dribbble and also view their work. Post a job or respond directly to designers if they are open for collaboration.



  • Multiple types of designer available
  • Find local candidates with their location-based searching. You can contract with a product designer to work with your team at your office.
  • Find product designers by their work, not their descriptions


  • You will not be able to pay any product designers directly through Dribbble. It mostly focuses on connections and community, not as a payments network.
  • Dribbble showcases designers aiming for attention with their catchy designs. Experienced product designers may already be working and not keeping their portfolio up to date.
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4. Working Not Working

This is the job board built with the talent in mind. Working Not Working (WNW) gives creative people an outlet to find freelance or long-term work. They can mark their availability and show off their top work in an appealing design. Find a product designer that fits your project timeline.

Working Not Working


  • Wide variety of product designers for hire
  • No commission fees to keep your costs low
  • Their Human service pairs you with a talent matcher to find the best product designer for your project.


  • With an open platform, WNW has a broad range of skill levels. You may have to search through many product designer profiles to find the diamond in the rough.
  • All hires are made outside of WNW. You will have to handle disputes or issues on your own.
Visit Working Not Working

5. Envato Studio

Envato has made a name for itself with a large collection of tools and assets to thrive in the online world. One of their offerings is Envato Studio, a talent marketplace for companies and individuals that provide packages and services, similar to Fiverr. Search by skill, services and prices and then choose a product designer from those options.

Envato Studio


  • Inexpensive services and packages with experienced product designers.
  • Easy project management and set up with a great interface for viewing candidates.
  • A central hub for UX, Wordpress and other website essentials. These services can complement your fundamental product design.


  • Your project may be limited by the services or package that each designer offers, making it difficult to find the right fit
  • Many freelancers on Envato Studio are generalists, offering services across several disciplines
Visit Envato Studio

6. Fiverr

What began as a simple gig marketplace with straightforward pricing (only $5!), Fiverr has expanded their offerings and price packages beyond the basics. Though most users expect a lower price when they go to Fiverr. They now offer a vast array of creative services, including product design.



  • Use specialized tools for project management to keep your freelancer on track.
  • Find the service you need rather than directly posting your project. You can then directly contact your preferred product designer
  • Sign up for Fiverr Pro for a group of vetted freelancers with more experience


  • Fiverr is known to attract less than reputable people looking to make a fast buck
  • You may need to make a special request if a package does not fit your exact needs
  • Fiverr started as an option for low-cost creative services--you often get what you paid for (and not much else!). It will take some time, patience and a few false starts to find top quality.
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7. People Per Hour

PeoplePerHour (PPH) is focused on small businesses within Europe. You will find specific hourly packages for product design rather than freelancer profiles.

People Per Hour


  • Select from product designers with a broad skill set
  • Perfect fit if you are a small business or shop.
  • Scroll through product designer packages with work samples to find a similar one to yours


  • Weak customer service may leave you on your own to handle any problems
  • Because it is European-based, not all freelancers may speak English.
Visit People Per Hour

8. Behance

Behance is where Adobe wants creative people to hang out. View profiles and see stunning work from the best and brightest. You can see galleries from different designers and firms, and then contact them for work. You can also post jobs to be found by the talent on the platform.



  • Behance portfolios are world-class and are presented in a pleasing way. You will find talented product designers with a presentation to match.
  • Everyone on the platform is familiar with Adobe products: the industry leader in creative design software.
  • You can find a mix of agencies and independent designers who may pitch on your job listing. Or find and contact individuals directly.


  • Do you know what you’re looking for? A beautiful portfolio may not mean they are right for your project.
  • Sorting through portfolios for the right product designer could be a long process.
  • Expect a wide range of prices, but you’ll have to contact each designer to find out.
Visit Behance

9. Freelancer is an incredibly large marketplace that offers many opportunities for freelancers and clients alike. They actually charge both parties a small fee to be on the site, which keeps most interactions genuine and authentic. You can post jobs and projects for product designers directly on the site and then review the bids.



  • Lots of filter options to refine your search by budget, number of hours to work and more
  • Different price points to help you find a cost-effective option
  • Use project milestones to monitor the progress of work on your project.


  • The list of freelancers with very broad skill sets could make it difficult to find a true expert.
  • Lots of competition for bids could be overwhelming and difficult to manage.
Visit Freelancer
honorable mention


A massive hiring site that appeals to enterprise companies and job seekers alike. Hired matches talent with potential jobs, reducing the stress in recruiting. Their positions are focused on big cities and remote opportunities for tech talent.



  • Exceptional companies use Hired to post their most in-demand positions, drawing many top product designers and tech workers
  • Great for full-time product designer hires looking for a long-term role


  • Hired is geared towards enterprise companies looking for full-time workers
  • May not fit for small businesses or smaller project engagements
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