Mobile App Designer Job Description And Template

Updated on: May 2022 · 9 min read

Mobile App Designer Job Description

The mobile app development market is growing at a rapid rate. New ideas and companies are sprouting up every day and with users demanding a robust mobile-first experience, the demand for good mobile app developers is increasing at a fast pace.



Mobile app designers can be iOS developers, Android developers, app designers, and more. They normally work closely with user experience (UX) designers and user interface (UI) designers to adapt their designs to a mobile-friendly experience. A good mobile app designer is proficient in native mobile applications but a great app designer will also be able to create designs for mobile and hybrid apps.

Therefore, to be able to hire a great mobile app designer, you must create an equally strong job description. This requires a good understanding of different mobile design approaches along with selected skills and requirements that’ll help you filter out candidates that aren’t a good fit.

A general mobile app designer job description will attract a ton of general application which will most likely include candidates who are more involved in the development bit rather than design.

Role & Responsibilities Of The Mobile App Designer

The role and responsibilities of a mobile app designer will depend on their level of experience. One of the primary responsibilities of a mobile app designer is to create, maintain, and implement the source code to design mobile apps and mobile platform programs that meet the needs of the project. Furthermore, mobile application developers may also assist in designing prototype applications, help in the application development process, provide the unit structure, and more.

While some mobile app designers work on specific language and concepts to build an application that’s specific to their work demands; others have to come up with their own creative approach for apps that would capture the user’s interest and enhance engagement.

Depending on the project’s requirements, a mobile app designer job description will have some or all of the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Understanding the user’s/project’s needs and translating that into a mobile application framework, software requirement, and specification document.
  • Designing tasteful mobile application based on the project requirements and best practices.
  • Collaborating with other team members and designing and developing mobile applications for different platforms.
  • Be cognizant of the latest trends and include them in the design process when required.
  • Thoroughly test the usability of the mobile application post development and report/suggest any improvements.
  • Provide regular customer support to the clients post development.
  • Writing down detailed project plans that include scope of the project, technical specification, possible approach and processes, and any additional suggestions.

Skills Needed To Be A Mobile Developer

Here’s a list of ten essential skills needed to be a mobile app designer.

1. Project management - The mobile app designer is the liaison between the project team and the client and must have strong project management skills to execute the task.

2. Scrum management and agile methodologies - new technologies come and go and to be able to adapt to them require agile development practices. Scrum management allows for better collaboration between the design and the project team allowing for frequent reviews and updates.

3. UI and UX experience - These skills are incredibly important for end-user satisfaction.

4. Good design sense - The app should look visually appealing and provide a good user experience.

5. Business analysis - This involves understanding the project’s requirements and translating them into development needs.

6. QA and performance testing - This is to ensure that the app functions the way it’s supposed to at all times.

7. Modern coding languages - The mobile app designer must be well-acquainted with coding language such as HTML5, Objective-C, Swift, C++, C#, and Java.

8. Security - Ensuring that the app is secure and all the customer details are safe is crucial for any mobile app designer.

9. Data expertise - Data drives decision. A great mobile app designer will know how to look at data and draw conclusions from it,

10. Cloud infrastructure - Since cloud infrastructure is a crucial part of mobile development, the mobile app designer must be skilled in using technologies such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Mobile App Designer Job Description Template

Here’s a template of a mobile app designer job description that can be used as reference.

Company introduction

[Write a short and impactful paragraph about your company. Talk about who you are and what your values are. Give information about the company culture, perks, and benefits. You could also add information about the person who’ll be managing the role. Include additional information such as office hours, remote flexibility, retreats, and any other information that makes your company a great place to work at.]

Brief of the job

We’re looking for a qualified and experienced mobile app designer to join our incredibly cool engineering team. You’ll be working with our engineers to design, develop, and maintain high-quality mobile applications that users love.

If you’re excited about different mobile platforms and translating code into user-friendly apps, then we’d love to talk to you. As a mobile app designer, you’ll be actively collaborating with internal teams to design and develop functional mobile applications for our clients, while working in a comfortable and employee-friendly environment.

Ultimately, you should be passionate about great mobile app designs and should be able to translate that passion into great mobile apps.


  • Identify and plan for new mobile app features
  • Develop application programming interfaces (APIs) that support mobile functionality
  • Recommend and implement new mobile protocols, applications, and products
  • Stay up to date with the latest trends, terminology, concepts, and best practices for coding mobile apps
  • Work closely and collaborate with internal teams
  • Provide strategic thinking and lead mobile app development projects
  • Lead the entire mobile application lifecycle (concept, design, test, release and support)
  • Confirm that the new and legacy applications meet latest quality standards
  • Take a design problem and break it down into smaller actionable chunks and solve them with precision and clarity


  • Good design skills with a thorough understanding of typography, colours, intuitive design, and palate development
  • Thorough understanding of user-experience design for web and mobile
  • Updated knowledge of latest technology trends, design skills, and the ability to show relevant work portfolio
  • Proven quality to deliver high quality mobile app designs to customers
  • Advanced skills in software such as Photoshop, UXPin, InvisionApp, and other relevant tools
  • A team player who can seamlessly adapt to a rapidly evolving environment
  • A keen eye for details and aesthetics
  • A bachelor’s degree is computer science, interaction design, cognitive science or related field. Additional certifications and/or master’s degrees are preferred.


We believe in compensating fairly for the role and the kind of responsibilities it entails. The company offers competitive salaries that are aligned to the latest industry standards. The compensation for this role will depend on the candidates:

  • Academic qualification
  • Level of work experience
  • Quality of work portfolio
  • Proficiency in modern coding languages

Hiring a Mobile App Designer

A mobile app designer uses their design and programming language skills to create, manage, and maintain unique mobile applications that give its users a great experience. A great mobile app designer knows how to work with more than one operating system and is proficient in different programming languages.

When hiring a mobile app designer, the job titles may change depending on the organization’s hierarchy but the role primarily revolves around planning, designing, and creating a mobile application that meets the project’s needs and fulfills the client’s requirements.