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Top 11 Platforms To Hire The Best Brand Designers

Based on the facts publicly available as of 01.01.2020

1. Toptal

Toptal has transformed the freelance marketplace experience. Rather than having to deal with the time-consuming process of finding a freelancer and then worrying about whether that person will make good on their commitments, Toptal will match customers directly with a freelance branding designer and guarantee customer satisfaction. By implementing significant screening and testing before onboarding freelancers, Toptal can guarantee quality. In order to ensure the match is a good fit, the platform offers a two week no-risk trial during which you can switch designers or decide to leave all together.



  • Toptal ensures that all of their freelance branding designers have a high level of English fluency.
  • The platform cuts out the risk around hiring a freelance designer by ensuring you have a high quality hire and allowing you to change your mind free of charge.
  • Receive seamless customer service.


  • Because of the personalized attention, Toptal costs more than some other platforms.
  • If you have a small or short term project you may have more luck on another platform.
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2. Upwork

Upwork is the most well known of the freelance platforms. With roots in the merger of the two prior top freelance players, Upwork has been in the market for a while. Upwork has over 3 million projects posted annually. The platform has a host of project management tools to help make your experience run smoothly. More recently, Upwork has started business and enterprise subscription options, which provide a more curated experience by selecting a pool of more highly qualified designers to choose from.



  • Designers have many different experience levels. No matter your budget, you’ll be able to find a brand designer you can afford.
  • Upwork reports that 90% of customers return to the platform to rehire.
  • The platform performs identity checks on freelancers listing their services on the site, ensuring a base level of accountability.


  • There are many complaints about customer service.
  • If you don’t use the Upwork subscription services to find a designer, then the process of selecting a designer can be very time consuming.
  • It can be hard to gauge the skill level of a freelance branding designer if you need someone particularly specialized.
Visit Upwork

3. 99designs

99designs allows you to hold a contest in order to select your designer of choice. You submit a description of what you need and prospective designers submit design mock-ups. You then choose your favorite and move forward to revisions with them. 99designs also lets you select a single designer that you can work with directly without running a contest. This is probably the best way to focus on developing a full brand identity on the platform.



  • With the design contest, you have the chance to see lots of different visions of your logo before choosing a direction.
  • If you choose to work directly with a single designer, you will have access to the platform’s top designers.
  • The platform provides lots of different options and upgrades, so you can customize the purchase to fit your budget and needs.


  • With the design contest format, designers have to submit proposals without guarantee of payoff, which drives many designers to other platforms.
  • The contest format also means you cannot communicate with the designers before hiring besides your written proposal and answering basic questions.
  • There are other, more affordable contest-based platforms.
Visit 99designs

4. Dribbble

Dribbble was developed to create a community for designers. Originally the platform was invitation-only, but it has since opened up for anyone to create a profile and host a portfolio. The platform now has a program it calls Dribbble Hire which includes a job board as well as access to a Talent Partner. The Talent Partner can help you identify a designer that fits your needs. Dribbble is open to designers of all types.



  • The location feature on Dribbble allows you to explore local hires.
  • With brand designers at different levels of experience, different designers will take on projects with many different budgets.
  • Dribbble Talent Partner can help you save time and reduce risk when you hire brand designers.


  • If you decide to hire a brand designer without using the Talent Partner option, it may be challenging to feel confident in your hire.
  • There is no risk management if you find a brand designer and it does not work out.
  • There are no tools on the platform to help you with project management during your project.
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5. Working Not Working

Working Not Working (WNW) is an “UnJobBoard.” Rather than your standard boring job board, WNW’s UnJobBoard tries to spice things up with catchy taglines, highlighted job benefits, and a magazine on creatives. Designers note when they are working or not working, i.e. available. The platform began as invitation-only, but is now open to anyone that would like to join. The Membership Board occasionally designates some designers as “vetted” through a voting process in order to indicate the more highly skilled designers.

Working Not Working


  • There are brand designers available for both full-time and freelance work.
  • WNW has a concierge service called Human that can match you with a brand identity designer, saving you the time that searching for a designer requires.
  • The platform opens a new side of applicants through its unique profile set up so you can better determine fit when you find a brand designer.


  • There’s not a clear way to determine the level of the brand designers before hiring.
  • The platform doesn’t provide project management support for actually managing your project.
  • You may need to rewrite your job description for a brand designer to fit the format.
Visit Working Not Working


If you are looking for a full-time brand identity designer, AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) may be a good place to look. AIGA is the professional design association in the U.S. The site has a collection of resources available including a job board for U.S.-based jobs. The board is structured for long term gigs, both full and part-time, rather than freelance branding designers. You can post two jobs for free or pay for additional job postings.



  • With two free job postings, you have nothing to lose.
  • If you’d like to hire a brand designer in the U.S. for a long-term gig, this is a great resource.


  • AIGA does not have any quality controls or testing for members and applicants.
  • AIGA does not generally have freelance branding designer hires.
  • There is no support or project management for hiring or post-hiring.
Visit AIGA

7. Design Hill

Design Hill has many different options for developing brand identity. You can host a design contest to crowd source designs, contract directly with a designer, or have a monthly membership. With the monthly membership you can source as many designs as a designer can complete at a time. Each package is low priced, so Design Hill is approachable by many different budgets.

Design Hill


  • For a low monthly rate, find a brand designer to get all of your branding developed so your templates and marketing are consistent across the board.
  • With the design contest, you can see lots of ideas for your proposal from various designers before choosing a direction.
  • Design Hill is extremely affordable, so you can hire a brand designer without breaking the bank.


  • Design Hill is not structured for thoughtful, complex design needs, so you will want to have your brand identity already determined.
  • There are many junk proposals submitted in the design contest that you have to sort through.
  • There may be a language barrier with your designer.
Visit Design Hill

8. Behance

Behance was purchased by Adobe in order to have a platform for Adobe Creative Cloud users to display their work. The platform has designers and artists of all type. Adobe provides several different ways to hire brand designers on Behance through Adobe Talent. If you’re currently using Adobe Creative Suite, you can post a job publicly for free. The paid packages also provide private job posts and a Talent Search options, which allows use of an advanced search function to find candidates without a public job post. The platform is really just a portfolio and hiring platform, so projects and hires will need to be managed independently.



  • You can find a brand designer to meet any budget.
  • The Adobe Creative Cloud subscription lets you post unlimited jobs for free.


  • Without an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, you’ll need to pay to post a job.
  • Selecting a designer through the portfolio setting is time consuming and difficult.
  • You’ll have to take on the hiring, project management, and payment processes entirely independently.
Visit Behance

9. Krop

Krop is another portfolio-driven platform for creatives. Members can select from several styles of portfolios and pay a monthly fee to maintain them. To hire on the site, there are two options: you can pay-per-job post or pay for access to the database in order to search and reach out to designers on your own. Krop has all of the standard search functions, including by location if you’d like to hire locally.



  • Krop sends designers email alerts when job posts match their skills, so that designers are able to pay attention even while focused on a job.
  • The site claims that there are over 100,000 designers on the platform.
  • The setup and options are extremely straight forward, so it’s easy to jump in.


  • Some freelance branding designers have left the platform because of the lack of upgrades to the portfolios.
  • The platform is only for hiring, and does not provide project or payment management tools post-hire.
  • There are no tools to mitigate risk during your hire.
Visit Krop

10. Folyo

Folyo focuses on both high quality designers and projects. Designers must apply to join the platform, and projects from companies must be approved both for the level of payment and the reputation of the company. Once a project is approved, designers with matching skills will be alerted to the job. The designers who are available and interested will then respond. By guaranteeing only well-paid, interesting jobs, high quality designers want to stay involved with the platform.



  • You’re guaranteed to only hear from well-qualified brand identity designers.
  • The process is low on time required to find designers that fit.
  • The streamlined approach to hire a brand designer is simple and straightforward.


  • Folyo is only a hiring platform and does not have any tools to manage the brand designer after your hire.
  • It’s unclear exactly what the qualifications are for brand designers to be accepted to the site.
  • You cannot sort through portfolios to find a brand designer, but instead will have designers matched to you.
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honorable mention


Freelancer is the largest online freelance marketplace, with over 30 million users. Freelancer provides a collection of options with regard to how to hire. You can hold a contest and select the designer whose submission you like the most. Another option is to post a job, free of charge, for designers to bid on. Finally, you can also explore portfolios and reach out directly to designers. Pay a flat 10% on most projects or 15% if you decide to use the Preferred Freelancer program.



  • The Preferred Freelancer program gives you access to more experienced brand designers.
  • Freelancer has project and payment management tools to help you manage the project and keep things on track.
  • You can find designer to fit any budget.


  • There have been reports of freelancers not completing projects or demanding extra pay to finish, and the platform doesn’t have much to offer to address these issues.
  • Judging quality on the site is difficult, especially if you do not use the Preferred Freelancer program to hire.
  • Customer service is known to be particularly limited.
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